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March 1st, 2013



Last week Lutz baked Baguettes, inspired from a post of MC about her visit in different bakeries in Paris. This bakeries belong both to the best of France. Lutz used the discription of their baguette dough to build his own recipe.

And so baking baguettes was on the top of my to do list for the weekend. But during the long and cold rest of the dough in the fridge, the dough developed not only an incredible good taste but I fell sick with a bad flue, too. And on Sunday, after about 40 hours in the fridge, the baguettes could not wait any longer. And so I dragged myself in the kitchen, ignored the fever and formed and baked some baguettes.

And this baguettes are really worth it. With a great taste, a crispy crust and a wait open crumb make them to one of the best I ever baked.

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