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August 10th, 2013

Burger Buns with Lievito madre

Burger Brötchen

The summer weather last weekend made us thinking about grilling delicious Burgers in the evening. And so I had to bake burger buns, of course.

In the fridge I still have the preferment I made from my Honey-Wildyeast-Experiment. It has developed all traits of a Lievito madre, something not so suprising because both – Wildyeast and Lievito madre – are made with honey and contain nectar yeasts. But thinking about Lievito madre I decided that it would be time to use it once again in a bread. And so I tried a new recipe containing some sourdough starter from the fridge, Lievito madre, a water roux and some extra yeast for a fast rise.

I let the buns rise until they more the doubled their size and put them then in the oven. Once again I could see how the Lieviot madre did his magic and enhance the oven spring. The buns gain a lot of size during the baking, with a fluffy crumb and a soft crust due to the high fat content – just as a burger bun should be!

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