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November 23rd, 2013


RieskaI didn’t know that something like Rieska exists until World Bread Day, but when I saw the entry of Miss Boulette I was hooked.

Rieska is a finnish flatbread and can be baked in different variations. They are baked without yeast or other leavening. This recipe, which stems from Scandi Food is made with mashed potatoes. The potatoes keeps the crump soft and moist, while the flatbread develops a thin crust during baking. Served still warm with a bit of butter this is bread is a real treat!

And because Zorra collects Breads baked after a recipe from  the WBD roundup for Bread Baking Day, I send this recipe to her!

And if you want to join my Blogevent for the 5. Blog-Birthday, there is still time until 30. November 2013!

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