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November 17th, 2013

Angeschobenes Weizenmischbrot

angeschobenes Weizenmischbrot

I wished that everyone bake his/her favourite bread for my 5. Blog-Birthday. But as Zorra and Melanie >I had to face the fact that I already blogged about my favourite bread! And to bake it once again seemed a little bit borring to me. And so I decided to do something I was think about for already quite some time: I doubled the amount and baked the bread in the wooden baking frame, similar to the Pumpkin Potatoe Bread I baked for World Bread Day.

Due the isolating capacity of the thick wooden frame and other breads, the loaves develop no crust on its sides, while bottom and top get a thick, aromatic and crisp crust due to the long baking time. The crumb is very soft and light with only small holes, so that the honey will stay on my breakfast bread, too. A perfect every day bread that taste good with sweet spreads and hearty cheese. And due to the different kind of baking it taste really a little bit different to the “normal” bread, the flavour has somehow more depth.

So this is my part for my Blog Event. Whoever wants to submit a bread can do so until 30th November! Readers without blog can participate, too! All informations about the Blogevent you can find here. Continue reading