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September 23rd, 2014

Federweisser Rolls with Rye Poolish

Federweißer-Würzelchen (2)From our kitchen window we could see how our neighbour, the vintner, put the first flasks with young wine (in Germany called Federweißer) in the display. And because we were waiting for the first bottle of Federweißer already, my dearest one directly went to buy some flasks. He came back with to happily fermenting flasks but not before he and our neighour savoured a glass of it together.

And because we enjoyed the Federweißer bread I baked last year so much, I started directly a poolish with rye flour. The idea of using rye instead of wheat flour I got from Dietmar

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September 24th, 2013

Federweisser Rolls


We like the Federweisser Bread I baked last week very much and so I started directly to think about other recipes. A Breakfast roll was what I was thinking about. And when Nadja encouraged me to think about other recipes, too, I decided to bake rustically looking rolls for sunday morning. Sunday was election day and I always like to go very early to the election office. And so I needed rolls which would proof overnight in the fridge.

After I come home I only had to put the rolls to the preheated oven. They had a great ovenspring due to the combination of yeast from the young wine and Lievito madre. When I pulled them out of the oven, they started to “sing”, with their crust crackling loudly while they cool down. And they hold what they promise: Crisp crust with a light and soft crumb. The perfect breakfast roll for me!

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September 17th, 2013

Federweisser Bread

Federweißer Brot

I can always see what our Neighbour, the wine merchant, sells when I look out from our kitchen window. But I do not have to observe his offerings very closely, because when he got something he knows we would like, he calls when he see us: “Herr and Frau Neighbour, I have something for you!” And so one of first boxes with six flask of this years federweisser was our as soon as it was delivered to him.

When I came home at this day from work I saw this happily fermenting flasks sitting on the kitchen counter. And when I saw them bubbling, an idea popped up in my mind. Before my love could stop me, I had already mixed a poolish out of Federweisser and flour, planning to bake a bread with the yeast of Federweißer as sole rising agent.

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