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August 17th, 2016

Cherry Streusel

Kirschstreusel (2)There are big changes in the job lying ahead of me and so we decided to take a short vacation to refill our energy. But to find a free vacation home in the middle of the summer was a bit troublesome. But finally we found a beautiful one at the border of the “Alte Land”. The Alte Land is one of the most prominent growing area for fruits in Germany, especially for apples and cherries. A dream place for a food blogger! Beginning of August we were just in time for the very last cherries and first Damsons and Mirabelle plums. And as the vacation home kitchen was well equipped with an oven baking cake was a must. A damson cake for my love and a cherry streusel cake for me, baked in two small ceramic dishes. But the cake will work well in a “normal” spring form, too.

The dough is my “normal” dough for plum cake, a mixture of yeast dough and short crust. It is a fluffy dough that stays fresh for a long time and which keeps the fruit juice in the dough very well. A perfect cake for lazy summer days!


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August 14th, 2013

Rote Gütze-Torte

Rote Grütze TorteI was searching in the world wide web for a recipe for a “Käse-Sahne-Torte”. This is a torte made with curd and cream and it is normally prepared with gelatine. I normally avoid gelatine, but I couldn’t find a recipe for this childhood favourite without gelatine. But it couldn’t be so hard to develop a recipe, I’m used to convert recipes for torte from gelatine to agar.

When working with agar, you have to keep some points in mind: Agar needs to boil before it can gelatinize and you should never ever cool down a liquid containing agar to fast. Agar will start to already around 30°C, which is about 10°C higher then gelatine. And so one of the main tricks in this recipe is the fact that I use curd, which has room temperature, and that I stir it very slowly in the milk in which I boiled the agar.

To add a fresh touch to the Torte I put a layer of red fruit jelly on top of it, which goes nicely with the warm summer weather. A delicious treat for sunday afternoons with the familiy

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June 23rd, 2012

Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme

Schwarzwälder KirschcremeA dessert made with curd (Quark) is always  delicious and a good dessert for  a potluck barbecue. The Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme I made for a barbecue at my colleagues home is a variation of the Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme a former Ph.d. student of us loved to make for those occasions.

I refined the cream with some vanilla and mix some Gianduja chocolate with the semisweet chocolate. Before I grate the chocolate with a slicer I froze them for a while to make the grating easier and forms nice little chocolate curls then.

I layered the dessert in small glasses, but it looks great in a big bowl, too.

With a decoration of  some fresh cherries and a little bit of cream makes the dessert to a beautiful eyecatcher.

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March 29th, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Schoko-Kirsch-SchnittenThe Boyfriend had his last day at the place where he worked as student help for the last five years. Next month we will begin with his practical semester. To make the farewell a little bit sweeter, we baked some chocolate cherry cake and cheese puff pastry swirls.

The chocolate cherry cake is colleague-approved, I baked them some month ago as a “Doktor cake” for my colleague Alex, too. It is a delicious but easy to prepare cake which can be transported without being damaged.

I found the original recipe on lecker.de, but I take the amount of sugar (450g!) as an suggestion and decided to use 200g less sugar then the recipe said. Even then the cake was sweet. I think, you could even reduce the sugar amount for another 50g without troubles. I used one egg less than the recipe asked for, too. This fits more to the content of our fridge :-).

The result is a delicious cake, with a lot of chocolate and fruits, a new favourite!

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