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March 29th, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Schoko-Kirsch-SchnittenThe Boyfriend had his last day at the place where he worked as student help for the last five years. Next month we will begin with his practical semester. To make the farewell a little bit sweeter, we baked some chocolate cherry cake and cheese puff pastry swirls.

The chocolate cherry cake is colleague-approved, I baked them some month ago as a “Doktor cake” for my colleague Alex, too. It is a delicious but easy to prepare cake which can be transported without being damaged.

I found the original recipe on lecker.de, but I take the amount of sugar (450g!) as an suggestion and decided to use 200g less sugar then the recipe said. Even then the cake was sweet. I think, you could even reduce the sugar amount for another 50g without troubles. I used one egg less than the recipe asked for, too. This fits more to the content of our fridge :-).

The result is a delicious cake, with a lot of chocolate and fruits, a new favourite!

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June 13th, 2010


Doktorhut-muffin (2)Its more then a year since we had the last PhD-Party. Thats more than enough time to collect new ideas for the Doctor cake. And its nearly one year ago that I saw this beautiful muffins with graduation cap decoration at Tastespotting.

And at this time I made a note for myself that for the next disputation I would bake this kind of muffins. And this week one of our colleagues got her PhD and it was time for party and and for graduation cap muffins.

I made some changes and decided to use small waffle cookies to create the caps. And preparing the caps was really simple. I dipped the round cookie in some molten chocolate, place it on the flat and square one, let dry a little bit, then turn them around and place some liquorice and a small chocolate lentils on the top. I prepare all of the caps at the weekend and stored them in the cookie jar (I also threaten the boyfriend that something really mean would happen to him if he eat one of them 😉 ). The evening before the party I bake the muffins using this recipe. After they cooled down I top them with some molten chocolate and place the caps on then. For transporting them to the lab I stored them in some tin jars and luckily all of them survived travelling with train fine. Continue reading