June 13th, 2010


Doktorhut-muffin (2)Its more then a year since we had the last PhD-Party. Thats more than enough time to collect new ideas for the Doctor cake. And its nearly one year ago that I saw this beautiful muffins with graduation cap decoration at Tastespotting.

And at this time I made a note for myself that for the next disputation I would bake this kind of muffins. And this week one of our colleagues got her PhD and it was time for party and and for graduation cap muffins.

I made some changes and decided to use small waffle cookies to create the caps. And preparing the caps was really simple. I dipped the round cookie in some molten chocolate, place it on the flat and square one, let dry a little bit, then turn them around and place some liquorice and a small chocolate lentils on the top. I prepare all of the caps at the weekend and stored them in the cookie jar (I also threaten the boyfriend that something really mean would happen to him if he eat one of them 😉 ). The evening before the party I bake the muffins using this recipe. After they cooled down I top them with some molten chocolate and place the caps on then. For transporting them to the lab I stored them in some tin jars and luckily all of them survived travelling with train fine.

Graduation cap Decoration

yields 30

  • 30 chocolate covered waffle rolls (2 packages of Choco friends from Bahlsen)
  • 30 square waffle cookies (1 package Afrika from Bahlsen)
  • 30 chocolate lentils (Smarties Mini)
  • 2 liquorice snails
  • 50g chocolate

Melt the cocolate. Turn the square waffle cookie upside down then dip the waffle roll into the chocolate and place it then in the middle of the square cookie. Let dry. In the meantime unroll the liquorice snail and cut in pieces of 3 cm each. Turn the cap around, dip one side of the liquorice in the chocolate then place it in the middle of the cap. Top with the chocolate lentil and let dry-

Doktorhut anleitung

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  1. Silvia Daubner March 3rd, 2013


    ich hab zur Doktorfeier meines Sohnes die Dokterhutmuffins gemacht und sie waren der Renner bei dem Apéro,
    Da ich ca 50 Muffins brauchte habe ich aus Zeitgründen fertige kleine Muffins (Magdalenas) im Supermarkt gekauft, diese mit Schokoglasur überzogen oder mit Puderzucker bestäubt. In “Gratulations” Papierchen gesetzt und sie sahen einfach super aus.
    Die Vertiefung für die Waffelröllchen habe ich mit einem Apfelentkerner ausgestochen.

  2. Marianne January 17th, 2012

    Ist ja tooooooll!!! Ganz herzlichen Dank für diese goldige Idee. Ich werde sie als “Platzkarten” für die Doktorfeier meiner Tochter machen.

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  4. liming July 7th, 2010

    I like eating snacks.I admire you can make so delicious food.

  5. la grosse mere June 17th, 2010

    Die sehen ja cool aus!! Und viel echter als die Originalmuffins! Für die Optik würde ich die Lakritze drauf auch verschmerzen. Obwohl… ich würde sie wohl jemandem anderen abtreten 😉

    1. Stefanie June 18th, 2010

      @ la grosse mere: Danke für das Lob 😀 Ich habe meine Lakritze an die frischgebackene Frau Doktor abgetreten 😉


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