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August 17th, 2016

Cherry Streusel

Kirschstreusel (2)There are big changes in the job lying ahead of me and so we decided to take a short vacation to refill our energy. But to find a free vacation home in the middle of the summer was a bit troublesome. But finally we found a beautiful one at the border of the “Alte Land”. The Alte Land is one of the most prominent growing area for fruits in Germany, especially for apples and cherries. A dream place for a food blogger! Beginning of August we were just in time for the very last cherries and first Damsons and Mirabelle plums. And as the vacation home kitchen was well equipped with an oven baking cake was a must. A damson cake for my love and a cherry streusel cake for me, baked in two small ceramic dishes. But the cake will work well in a “normal” spring form, too.

The dough is my “normal” dough for plum cake, a mixture of yeast dough and short crust. It is a fluffy dough that stays fresh for a long time and which keeps the fruit juice in the dough very well. A perfect cake for lazy summer days!


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August 27th, 2015


Zwetschgenstreusel (2)Der Liebste ist puristisch, wenn es um Zwetschgenkuchen geht: Hefeteig, Zwetschgen und vielleicht ein bisschen Zucker. Ich hingegen mag Streusel sehr, auch auf den Zwetschgen. Bis ich ihn aber von der Idee eines Zwetschgenstreusel überzeugt hatte, dauerte es. Ich musste versprechen, dass die Streusel keinesfalls hart und das Teig – Zwetschgenverhältnis ausgewogen sein würde. Das tat ich leichten Herzens, denn die Streusel für meinen liebsten Streusekuchen (mit oder ohne Pudding) haben die perfekte mürbe Struktur. Zusammen mit einem dünnen Hefemürbeteigboden (der nicht durchsaftet) und einer kräftigen Portion Zwetschgen ergeben sie einen köstlichen Zwetschgenstreusel, der auch den Zwetschgen-Purist sehr gut schmeckt hat!

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October 12th, 2014

Apfelkuchen nach Günther Weber

Apfelkuchen nach Günther Weber

When autumn brings the first ripe apples I have to bake apple cake. The best apple for apple cakes is (and will always be) “Jakob Lebel”, a heritage apple with great flavour. My parents grow “Jakob Lebel” in their garden and so I can bake apple cakes with my favourite apple! This year was bad year for apples and so there will be not as much apples as in the last years. And so I have to enjoy and celebrate every apple I get!In Günthers book I found a recipe for apple cake with a sour cream and quark filling which sounded perfectly for me. And so I calculated the recipe down to a standard size spring form (26 cm diameter).

The dough is a yeasted short crust, a kind of crust I learned to love because it is easy in handling. It is made by mixing a yeast dough (for example with some challah dough or some sweet starter) and a short crust pastry. It is a very good crust – not only in handling but although in taste. The filling of apple slices and quark tastes delicious, too. As a little improvement I would blanch the apples the next time I bake this cake to make them really soft but this is only due to my personal preference. The cake is really great and I’m sure that I did not make him the last time!

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September 8th, 2013

Riemchenkuchen 2

RiemchenkuchenMy  birthday last friday was the last real summer day with 32°C. Already one day later the temperature dropped to 20°C and it started to rain heavily. Hello Autumn! And so it was easy to decide for a cake for the birthday get together with the family. I baked the first apple cake of this season, a cake which is called Riemchenkuchen or Rhineland Applecake. It is a  childhood favourite, a yeast dough cake filled with apple sauce.

Since some days I was thinking about using a mixture of yeast dough and short pastry as a cake base. This combined the advantage of both doughs: a fluffy dough that stays fresh for a long time and which is very easy to handle. It is very easy to prepare this yeasted shortcrust pastry. You have to make a shortcrust pastry and yeasted dough and combine both doughs after the yeast dough has risen.

This worked perfectly for this cake. It looked so good that my dad really asked if I bought the cake… No, it is homemade and it taste just great! Continue reading

August 31st, 2011

Plum cake

ZwetschgenkuchenLast Sunday morning I wake up and heard the rolling thunder outside. Taking a look out of the window I decided that I would not leave the house to get some rolls from the bakery. The thunderstorm that was brewing outside turned the beginning day into night again. So I decided to spend the time in the kitchen preparing a dough for a plum cake instead.

My boyfriend has a firm belief how plum cake has to be. The crumb should be airy and soft and thickly covered with plums. During baking the juice of the plums should soak the crumb. And he likes not streusel, no cinnamon or sugar on the plums. To be honest, I am not a great fans of plum cake at all. If I could choose between another cake and plum cake, I would take the other cake for sure. But of course I bake a plum cake if my boyfriend asked me to. Continue reading