June 26th, 2011

Light Wheat-Spelt Bread with Sourdough

Helles Weizen-DinkelbrotWhenever Martin posts a new Bread recipe I read the recipe attentively. His simple recipes and methodes are always worth a try.

This time he was inspired from Tartines Book Bread (its on my wishlist, too) and proofed his bread overnight in the fridge. For the dough he tested both kneading the dough with the kitchen machine and his gentle folding methode and both worked fine for him.

I changed the recipe a little bit (something that wouldn’t surprise anyone) because I don’t like to eat only white bread during the week. When I eat white bread I get hungry again much to fast. That does not happen when I eat bread with whole grain. And so I replace one third of the flour with whole spelt flour.

The bread I drew out of the oven is delicious, with an open crumb and a thick crust.  It taste complexly of sourdough and whole grain, mild and not very sour. And it’s not complicated, it only needs a little bit time and scheduling. A new favourite!

Light Wheat-Spelt Bread with Sourdough

SourdoughHelles Weizen-Dinkelbrot(2)

  • 130g flour Type 550
  • 70g spelt, freshly milled
  • 140g Water
  • 75g sourdough starter


  • 340g sourdough
  • 230g spelt, freshly milled
  • 470g flour Type 550
  • 500g Water
  • 3g fresh yeast
  • 18g Salt

Morning: Mix water, flour and starter for the sourdoug and ferment it  for8 hours at 25°C.

Evening: Dissolve the yeast into the water and add the mixture to the other ingredients in a big bowl. Mix all ingredients for the dough. Let it rest for 30 min, then fold it from the outside of bowl into the middle for three or four times. Let rest for 30 min again, then fold the dough and repeat the resting and folding steps one time more. Ferment the dough 1 hour at room temperature.

Shape the dough into two oval loaves and proof overnight in well floured breadforms in the fridge.

The next morning: Heat the baking stone at 250°C for one hour.

Slash the loaves directly before baking.Bake for 40 min at 250°C with steam on a hot stone.

I send this bread to Susans Yeastspotting, a weekly showcase of yeast baked goods

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12 thoughts on Light Wheat-Spelt Bread with Sourdough

  1. Elke June 27th, 2011

    Kein Unterschied für mich zu Deinen anderen Rezepten , :-((((- muss alles nachgebacken werden. Ich arbeite dran und bin unheimlich gern auf dieser Seite. Elke

  2. Elke June 27th, 2011

    Ich nochmal , das ist definitiv nicht böse gemeint , Die Rezepte sind natürlich unterschiedlich , aber ich – ich muss !!!! alle nachbacken. Gruß Elke

  3. karen June 29th, 2011

    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and professional blog.
    I’m so happy I can make the sourdough bread recipes (In my experience it is not easy to find such good recipes in english ).

  4. codruta July 1st, 2011

    What a beautiful loaf, stephanie! I love spelt flavor! I might try this bread, but without baker’s yeast. Do you think it will work, if I adapt the fermentation time?

    1. Stefanie July 1st, 2011

      @Corduta:Thank you. I am sure that the recipe will work with sourdough alone, too, even without adapting the fermentation time. 3g fresh yeast is not enough to speed up the fermentation time so much, but when I add a little bit baker’s yeast I make sure that the bread becomes not too sour, because I get problems with my stomach when I eat sour sourdough bread.

  5. mayK July 1st, 2011

    Hello and thank you for this nice recipe you have been adated by using more wholegrained based flourtypes. I`m living in Norway and have been reading “paindemartin”s blog almost from the start and this summer I have been baking a really nice white-bread recipe coming from him (and I bake white bread once in 10 year!), it`s a recipe with a mix of your type 550 + semolina and it`s tasting chewy on the inside and having a wonderful crispy crust (no-knead-type+long fermentation time)
    Sadly,he is now stopped to write this blog- but maybee he want to do more writing, who knows? Best regards from mayK

  6. leila July 4th, 2011

    Super Rezept und eine tolle Alternative zu reinem Weißbrot :)

  7. Reka July 6th, 2011

    Also mal ganz auf die Schnelle, die Rezepte sind wirklich toll und gut nachzubacken. Sollen wir mal in den Ferien einen Backtag machen und Elke auch dazu einladen. Dann könnte sie mal anfangen mit dem nachbacken :-)

    Die neuen Fotos sind sehr schön, aber den “Apfelbuzen “vermisse ich ein bischen.

    Eine ruhige, erfolgreiche Restwoche


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