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February 25th, 2010

Sacaduros – BBD #27

SacadurosBread Baking Day # 27 was a real challenge for me. Gretchen Noelle from canela and comino choosed Pan Latino – Latin Bread as theme. The spanish word pan reminded me that I only remember spanish food terms and no other word from my Spanish lessons. I did not change a lot since my school days, didn’t I? Always fascinated by food. 😀

But poor language knowledge is no excuse since Goggle Translator. Goggle Translator worked very good for me when translating the recipe for Ceriolas.  But before checking the world wide web I take a look in my cookbooks. But I did only find one latin bread recipe, conchas. This are sweet rolls with a cookie dough topping. But I was whishing for something not so sweet. And then I remembered that Petra from  Chili und Ciabatta post some latin recipes. So I looked through the recipes I bookmarked from her page and found something I want to try for ages: Sacaduros. Continue reading