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May 12th, 2012

Cloverleaf rolls

Kleeblatt-BrötchenI neglected the Blog a little bit in the last months. But I passed the defence of my Ph.d. thesis successfully last Monday so I have time for blogging once again.

We (some other freshly made “Dr.”s and me) had a party to celebrate this event. I volunteered to take care of the bread and tested two new overnight recipes for the party: cloverleaf rolls and burger buns. The Burger buns are made with very little yeast and proofed overnight at room temperature while the cloverleaf rolls proofed in the fridge. I only had to bake the rolls the next morning.

The cloverleaf rolls are a little eye catcher for  a buffet. One of the “leaves” of the cloverleaf is dipped in sesame, one of the them is dipped in poppy seeds and one stayed plain. It is my miniature variation of the German “Brötchensonne”.

They taste very good, too, with a complex flavour due to poolish and the long and cold proofing.

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