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August 19th, 2012

Little poppy seed braids


Once again a recipe for rolls – but that is the last new recipe I created during our holidays (and I am already back at work for one week).

I was dreaming of poppy seed rolls, and so I grabbed a bag of poppy seeds in the supermarket. I decided to play a little bit with the dough and made not simple rolls but little braids. They are braided with only one strand, a technique I saw in a TV show some month ago. I just forgot which show it was… But I make photos from each step, to make it easier to understand the technique.

I bake the little poppy seed braids with whole wheat flour and white spelt flour and added some lievito madre for a good oven spring and a complex taste. I have to say, I love my new starter. It adds a nice aroma to bread and it is very convenient that it can be used right out of the fridge. Perfect for baking spontaneously.

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August 19th, 2012

How to braid a one strand braid


Divide the dough into pieces of 85g each. Roll them into strands of about 45 cm (1). Now form with 2/3 of the strand loop, while the other 1/3 of the strand remains free(2). Pull the free strand through the loop (3), then twist the loop (4) and tuck the free end into the remaining opening of the loop (5).