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July 29th, 2012

Petit Pain de Beaucaire

Pain de BeaucaireI baked already a lot of french breads:  Brioche, Brioche Tropézienne, Baguette in all Variations, Pain d’Epi, Pain de Mie, Croissants and au chocolate, Pain Bordelaise únd Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes. Did I forget something? Ah, yes, there was also the  Pain de Beaucaire.  A great bread, which method for forming the loaves fascinated me already three years ago. It was time to dust off the recipe and bake it again. This time I used an old-bread-preferment and reduce the size of the bread to produce rolls instead. This idea I got from Lutz, who unintentionally baked the Pain de Beaucaire as rolls, an idea I liked already when I read his blog entry two years ago.

And like the last time, forming the bread was an easy thing to do, and seeing the great ovenspring in the oven let me already hope for the best. When I pull the rolls out of the oven their crust sang already its crackling song while cooling down, promising me an airy crumb under the crisp crust. An really, when I cut one of the rolls, I was very happy with the crumb I see, open but not to open, perfect for breakfast.

I’m happy, that Cinzia from Cindystarblog choose the theme French Bread for Bread Baking Day!

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July 28th, 2012

Müsli Rolls


For a relaxed breakfast with my sister I planed to bake some rolls. The day before I came home from work lately. It was maybe the only week of “real” (hot) summer we get this year in Germany, and so I decided to enjoy the good weather as much as possible and go swimming first. When I came home I was to tired for long kneading and make some overnight rolls.

As basic I used my all time favourite Recipe for Yoghurt Sesam Rolls, but this time with some whole rye flour and additional Müsli mix. The Müsli is a homemade mixtrue containing rolled oats and barley, raisin, dried apples, sunflower seeds, a lot of chopped almonds and sesame and flax seeds.

I let the dough rise overnight and early in the next morning I formed and baked the rolls, refreshed after some hours of sleep.

And later that day we enjoyed the rolls. They have a crust, which stays a little bit soft – just as my sister like her rolls – and a soft crumb. The overnight fermentation gave them a complex flavour and yoghurt adds some tartness. The perfect roll for sweet marmalade or honey, but great with cheese, too.

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July 24th, 2012

Chocolate bread

Schokoladenbrot This bread deserves a chorous of praise. Already during baking it filled the house with a seductive chocolate fragrance. And then the first bite of the freshly baked bread … it was everything a chocolate bread can be: fluffy and soft, chocolately, not to sweet, heavenly!

And when you warm a slice of bread a little bit in the toast oven and then add a thin layer of Nutella this slice of bread is a chocolate dream which comes true!

And that makes it worth all the effort you have to put in making this bread. It is – I’m sorry to say this – not a bread for beginners. The dough is very soft and so it is not so easy to handle, but who dare the adventure will be rewarded with a gorgeous bread.

Important for soft crumb is  to knead the dough to full gluten development like for the very soft and fluffy sandwich bread or the pumpkin sandwich bread. This strengthen the gluten network and allows the bread to rise highly. It helps to develope an even crumb, too, an effect which is enhanced by flattening and rolling the dough twice during forming the bread.

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July 15th, 2012

Cinnamon waffles

Zimtwaffeln(2)Nearly three years ago I baked gaufres de ligé. Since then I baked them regularly and Chaosqueen and Steph from Kleinen Kuriositätenladen baked them, too.  And then Paule baked her Schuedi recipe in a new form: Cinnamon waffle schuedi. This are gaufres de ligé de luxe! Paule got the idea from another blog, where they baked  cinnamon rolls in a waffle maker. This Cinnamon waffles are the deluxe version of the the gaufres de ligé.

In my first try I followed her recipe but was a little bit disappointed of them, the dough was a little bit to firm and a high amount of butter leaking from the filling during baking. And so I tried them a second time,changing the recipe by reducing the yeast amount, adding a water roux and some more butter to the dough but reducing the butter amount in the filling.

And now I think they are perfect, caramel and cinnamon in perfect harmony, a sweet dream!

Who can not get belgian pearl sugar (Sucre grain perlé) can use sugar cubes, which are coarsely crushed. Or you should think about a trip to Belgic (Chocolate, good beer, pearl sugar). Zwinkerndes Smiley

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July 14th, 2012



Last weekend I thought about trying another shape for my loaves then the normal round boules or slender batards. I felt that it was time to bring some geometry in my kitchen and try to shape some triangles.

That the dough should contain 30% whole wheat flour, flax seeds and a poolish I had already decided the night before. A not to wet dough, perfect to test a new shape.

To shape the triangle, I preshape round loaves, let them rest for some time and then I flatten their sides and fold this “wings to the middle of the bread. That created a bread with the perfect triangle shape.

And the taste of the triangle is good, too. The flaxseeds adds a nutty flavor and the poolish give some complexity to the aroma of the bread. The crust is crisp and the crumb is open. A good bread for my lunch breaks!

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July 14th, 2012

How to form a triangle bread

To shape a triangle bread is not complicated.

You start by forming your dough to a ball and let it rest for 15 – 20 min (1).  Now flatten the sides of the ball, forming a higher triangle in the middle (2) with “wings” attached to the triangle. Fold the “wings” into the middle (3 – 5) so that a triangle is formed. Shape the edges of the triangle to sharp points. Then turn the loaf seamside down (6).

Wie man ein Dreick-Brot formt

July 8th, 2012


VinschgerlnI needed a small present for one of my colleagues. I know that he and his wife like to spend their vacations in South Tyrol and that they fell in love there with Vinschgerln – a rye flatbread, flavoured with caraway seeds, fennel seeds, coriander and “Schabziger-Klee” (Trigonella caerulea ). And I knew also that they tried to bake this bread but their recipe did not work proberly for them.

And so I decided to bake some Vinschgerln for them and give them the recipe, too. I made a little recipe research in the internet and found quite a lot recipes. But some contained not enough water, other recipes had to much yeast and some had a mixture of spices that seemed not original to me. Wikipedia described Vinschgerln as a Bread containing about 70% whole rye flour, and named al the spices needed, and so I decided to build my own recipe.

The bread I bake with this recipe is delious – packed with flavour of rye, spices and and sourdough.

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July 5th, 2012

Apricot Almond Tart

Aprikosen-Mandel-Tarte I thought already last year about baking a tarte with apricots and almonds. But somehow I never made it. When I tasted the first apricots of the year, they where aromatic but sour, and I thought that they would be perfect for a tart!

And so I did not hesitate and bought some of them and baked small apricot almond tarts last weekend. Since I got this nice little tart forms with a diameter of 12 cm I tend to use them all the time, whenever I bake quiche or tart. The small tarts and quiches are perfect for lunch at work or as little present for friends.

For the apricot almond tart I used as custard some frangipane, a custard mixed with almond creme. I wanted to use the recipe from Michael Suas “Advance Bread and Pastry” but then decided to use less sugar but more egg and almonds.

I like the mixture of sweet almonds custard and tart apricots very much. A new favourite cake!

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