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August 11th, 2012

Potato rolls with Lievito Madre

Kartoffelbrötchen Summer holidays are the time in the year when we eat a lot of rolls. Rolls are the most important component for our relaxed breakfast on sunny (or rainy) summer mornings. And when our holiday home kitchen has a real oven, the rolls for breakfast are of course homemade. I love to test new recipes during this summer times.

And what are better recipes for holidays then overnight recipes? And so I played around with the Lievito madre. To prevent the dough of getting to sour, I reduced the amount of the preferment. That resulted in a slightly sour taste which fits nicely to the mashed potatoes and creme fraiche I added to the dough, too. The potatoes and creme fraiche creates a soft and fluffy crumb, and keep the crust a little bit lesser crisp then of other rolls, but I like them like that. They taste just great!

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