Daily Archives: 20th June 2013

June 20th, 2013

Spelt Baguettes


For me summertime is Baguette time. Or Wurzelbrot– and Ciabatta-Time. I just love to have a light bread together with a big bowl of salat for supper on hot days.

After I baked the delicious Baguettes a la Ridha Khadher I thought about trying a similar recipe with spelt. The gentle folding of the dough is perfect for the fragile gluten network of spelt dough. And so I kneaded the dough really short and then started to fold the dough repeatedly. When the gluten network was nicely developed,I put the dough in the fridge  for a long and cold fermentation.

This long and cold rise created a deep and complex flavour which I liked even more then the Kadher-Baguettes, because the spelt flavour adds another layer of complexity to the taste. It was a baguette with a lot of character. Or as my beloved partner (who’s normal praise for homemade bread is eating it rapidly but silent) said: “It is so delicious!”

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