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June 23rd, 2013

Bread with Wild Yeast from Honey


I baked already with wild yeast before it get popular in the different bread baking discussion boards. But then the wild yeast was still called “Raisin Sourdough”. After the first test I did not spent a lot of thoughts on this kind of yeast. The theory worked, so I started with new experiments…

Until I read about a “Apple Wild Yeast” somebody grew in store bought pasteurized apple juice.  But as we all should knew is pasteurizing a methode for conserve food. And that works by shortly heating up the juice (or milk or what ever) to kill all microorganisms. And that means, that even the precious “wild yeast” in apple juice is dead!

So what is growing in this apple juice? In most of the recipes, a spoon full of honey is added to the mixture. And as I explained before a lot of nectar is yeast can be found in honey. These nectar yeast start to ferment the honey as soon as the honey is diluted with water. This principle is used for brewing mead. Sometimes apple juice is added to the honey as a nitrogen source to speed up fermentation. But it can also be done only with water and honey. And so I started to think about growing wild yeast from honey…

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