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April 24th, 2014

Wild Herb Fan Rolls

Wildkräuter-Fächer 2

The Inspiration for this wild herb fans was Michas wild garlic pesto. But instead of using only wild garlic I used other wild herbs I found when I strolled through in my parents garden: wild garlic, ground elder, sorrel and salad burnet. From the domesticated herbs I choosed – like Micha – some leaves of mint and lovage. I can strongly recommend to make a bigger batch of the pesto, it is great for seasoning risottos or pasta dough, to season a salad sauce or for a spring time variation of remoulade.

But back to the wild herb fans…  I decided to make another dough then for the herb fan rolls, using sweet starter and making the dough stripes a little bit longer, placing them as a “U” shape in the muffin form. This give the rolls a nice shape.

The rolls are delicious, perfect to start the barbeque season.

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