November 15th, 2016


Röggelchen (2)

In the cologne pubs (called “Brauhaus”) exists a dish with confuse tourists regulary. It is called “Halve Hahn” and the tourists translate this with “half rooster” and expect to get a half roasted chicken when they order it. What they get is one half of twin-roll together with old gouda cheeses, mustard and some onions. There are many theories to explain the name of the dish – one is that once upon time someone asked in the cologne dialect if he could get on half of the roll: “Ääver isch will doch bloß ne halve han” (But I want just one half).

The roll that comes with the dish is called “Röggelchen” (little rye) and is baked as twin roll. You can tell in which city the roll was baked by the way it was formed: The Röggelchen from Düsseldorf has a round shape while the Cologne one’s shape is long. Both in common is that they are made partly with rye. In this variant the rye is used to make a sourdough, which adds complex flavour notes to the rolls. Another typical characteristic is the dark, shining crust which is due to a glazing which is made with roasted starch and applied before and after baking.



yields 9 twin rollsRöggelchen (1)


  • 110g whole rye flour
  • 110g Water
  • 11g sourdough


  • 440g flour Type 550
  • 220g Water
  • 15g egg yolk (from 1 egg size M)
  • 10g yeast
  • 20g ButterRöggelchen (4)
  • 11g Salt
  • 3g active Malt (optional)


  • 5g Starch
  • 120g Water

Mix all ingredients for the sourdough and let it rise for 14-16 hours at 25°C.

Knead all ingredients for the dough for 5 min at slow speed, then 10 min at fast speed. The dough should be now soft, but not sticky.

Let the dough rise for 1 hour at room temperature.

Divide the dough into 50g portions. First form round rolls, then roll them long.

Place always two rolls next to each other on a baking tray.

Proof for 1 hour.

For glazing roast the starch until golden, then cook the starch with water and let cool to room temperature.

Preheat the oven to 250°C.

Brush the rolls with the glazing and bake with steam for about 20 min at 240°C. For really crisp rolls turn to convection mode during the last 5 min.

Glaze the bread again immediately after taking it from the oven.

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  3. Labrow Angelika October 7th, 2019

    Kann ich das auch als Brot backen? Und wenn ja…wie wäre die Temp.?

    1. Stefanie October 7th, 2019

      @Angelika: Ja, das geht. Ich würde es bei 250°C mit Dampf 10 min backen, dann die Temperatur auf 200°C absenken und für weitere 40 min backen.

      1. Labrow Angelika October 19th, 2019

        Es ist ein phantastisches Brot geworden.
        Ich habe es im Gusstopf gebacken. Geschmacklich eine Note 1 A 👍

  4. Margit June 28th, 2017

    Ich probiere zum ersten mal dieses Röggelchen-Rezept aus; der Sauerteig ist schon angesetzt.
    Das Röggelchen-Rezept, das ich seit Jahren backe, enthält kein Eigelb.

    Ist das Eigelb wegen der Farbe im Brötchenteig?

    1. Stefanie June 28th, 2017

      @Margit: Ich gebe in Brötchenteig ganz gerne etwas Eigelb, da Eigelb Lecithin enthält. Lecithin macht die Krume flauschiger.

  5. Doris April 20th, 2017

    Hi Stefanie,

    Thanks again for this wonderful recipe. I tried this yesterday. My husband and I love it, the crispy from the crust, warm and fluffy inside. It was the best brunch I have. If I would like to prepare it for next day breakfast, can I do all the step advance, let it final proof in the fridge overnight?


    1. Stefanie April 20th, 2017

      @Doris: I’m glad you liked it! Proofing over night in the fridge should work, but you have to leave out the active malt, as the long time would give the enzymes in the malt to much time to degrade the starch and the proteins of the dough!

  6. Doris April 3rd, 2017

    Hello Stefanie,

    I would like to try this recipe! How long should sourdough recipe for ferment? Since you didn’t mention it in the recipe! Also I can’t read the German version of your website! I don’t know where is the problem is! Do you have any person tell you the same problem as I have?


    1. Stefanie April 3rd, 2017

      @Doris: Somehow the sourdough part was lost, thank you! I added the missing part. We have some major problems on the blog since the blackout and the subsequently broken power supplexy at our server hosting side. You are the second one with the language changing problem (at least the second one who tell me about it) can you please tell me which browser you use? I don’t have the problem here and it helps if I have more informations and can maybe provoke this mistake. What you can try meanwhile is deleting the /en in the adress by hand and then reload the page.

      1. Doris April 4th, 2017

        Hi Stefanie,

        I use Safari to read your website! I did try to deleted the /en part from your website, it was not working! I tried to load your website with Chrome, it works, even in German version! Thank you for correct the recipe, can’t wait to try it in these few days!


  7. Bäckerin December 2nd, 2016

    “Lecker Röggelschen ”
    Die backe ich nach! Der erste Vorsatz (wahrscheinlich auch der Einzige) für das neue Jahr 🙂
    Danke für das Rezept.

  8. Annika Müller November 24th, 2016

    Die Brötchen sahen super aus dank der Glanzstreiche. Auch der Geschmack war prima. Von der Größe waren sie uns aber zu klein, vielleicht hätten sie mehr aufgehen sollen? Mit der Wassermenge bekam ich aber keinen Teig geknetet. Ich brauchte viel mehr Wasser, hab leider nicht gewogen. Demnächst werde ich aus den Zutaten mal ein Brot machen, wir konnten uns gut vorstellen, dass das passt.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Stefanie November 24th, 2016

      @Annika: Ohje, bei der Wassermenge ist mir ein Umrechenfehler passiert. Da fehlen 110g. Ich korrigiere das gleich. Entschuldige bitte.

  9. Bikol November 17th, 2016

    Wenn ich bedenke, das ich mich jahrelang gegen einen Backautomaten gewehrt habe, ist es schon verwunderlich zu sehen, was man alles damit anstellen kann. Und diese Brötchen werde ich sicherlich nachbacken


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