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March 14th, 2015

Breadbaking for Beginners IV: Buttermilk Loaf

Buttermilchlaib (2)The next recipe for beginners is a bread made with buttermilk and some rye flour. These ingredients make the bread hearty and if you proof the dough over night in the fridge, the flavour will be even more complex. But if you need a fast bread, it is possible to let the dough rise for one hour instead.

In contrast to the other breads we prepared in the little series, the dough will be a little bit sticky after kneading. This is due to pentosane in the rye flour and because of the higher water content. When kneading sticky dough I tend to leave the dough in the bowl and knead the dough by pulling the sides of the dough into the middle. One hand holds the bowl, the other do the folding. After 10 minutes the dough should come together nicely and can easily pulled away from the bottom of the bowl. Continue reading

July 19th, 2014

Breakfast rolls

Brötchen (1)

My Dearest like the crusty rolls from the bakery which have a very soft and fluffy crumb. Such a crumb can not be archived without the use of at least some lecithin in the dough. But I do not want to use isolated lecithin and so I decided to use natural sources. Egg yolk and butter milk have both a high content of lecithin and the butter milk adds a good flavour as well.

The dough is made in the evening and rise overnight in the fridge. The next morning the rolls only has to be formed and baked. In about one and a half hour you have delicious warm rolls for breakfast!

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September 14th, 2013


Dinkel-Walnuss-BrotAs soon as the temperature drops below 20°C, I feel the urge to bake whole grain breads. And a bread with nuts seems to fit perfectly to the season. I picked whole spelt flour, walnuts and buttermilk – a favourite combination for bread. And while I was thinking about a Name I suddenly hat to think about the story of Robbi, Tobbi and the FlieWaTüüt. The FlieWaTüüt in the book was called so, because it could fly (german: FLIEgen), it could swim on the Water, and drive like a car (the Tüüt was the sound of its horn). And with this story in mind I called the bread SpeWaBu (Spelt, Walnut, Buttermilk).

It is a bread that can convince even people who do not  like spelt or whole grain so much. It stays moist due to a hot soaker and the buttermilk helps to form a soft and surprisingly fluffy crumb. It has a mild aromatic taste which pairs well with cheese or honey.

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May 19th, 2013

Spelt crowns

Dinkelkrönchen I got the Idea to bake this little Spelt crowns, when Lena asked me if she could bake the Yoghurt Honey Whole Wheat Bread as rolls instead of a loaf. Of course you can do this, was my answer and I started to think that I could bake something like that, too! But I decided to change the recipe a little bit, using spelt instead of wheat and buttermilk instead of yoghurt. To improve the dough handling, I cut down the amount of liquid a little bit and decided to let the dough rise overnight. As form for the rolls I tried something I was thinking about now for some time. I used my kitchen scissors to cut small tips on top of the roll which form a little crown during the oven spring. Just take care to keep the cuts short enough otherwise very long and hart tips will form during baking, and eating a roll with sharp edges is no fun at all. The rolls turn out very well: Soft crumb, crisp crust, a complex aroma due to long fermentation and the combination of spelt and sweet honey harmonize very well. A roll for a royal breakfast…

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December 23rd, 2012

Round braided Rolls

Runde ZopfbrötchenDoes this happen to you, too? You bake something, write down the recipe and then you did not post it. And after some time you even forget about it. That happend to me with this round braided rolls, which I baked the first time somewhere in the summer. They taste  good  but I was not satisfied with the picture. And so I forget this rolls completely.

Unitll  Micha posted her beautiful Flechtwerk. Then I suddenly remembered that once I took detailed pictures of the braiding. But with the picture of the final roll I was still not satisfied. And so I baked them once again for a breakfast with my sister and my niece. The dough was easy to handle and after I once understand how to braid round bread, they take not so much time to braid.

They look very elegant due to the braided form – perfect for a holiday breakfast. Vanilla give them a rich taste with some complex aroma which they developed during their long proofing. Their crust is soft, as desired when baking sweet bread, and their crumb is fluffy.


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January 21st, 2012

Buttermilk Bread with rolled Oats

Haferflocken-Buttermilch-Brot Its time again for a whole grain bread her in the Blog. The last weeks I baked mostly Breads I posted before but last weekend I created a new recipe, using two of my favourite ingredients: rolled oats and buttermilk.

I proofed the breads in baskets in the fridge and they develop a lot of aroma during the proofing. I was very skeptical in the beginning, when I read that in Tartine they proof sourdough breads in the fridge. Its a methode I used for breads made with yeast before, but I was afraid, that sourdough breads would be to sour. And I really don’t like sour bread. But nothing like this happend and now its one of my favourite proofing methods! It seperate preparing dough and baking and that is the perfect method in stressful times for me.

The bread has dense crumb and is rather moist, which enhance its shelflife. It’s a delicious and filling basis for lunch break.

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July 31st, 2011

Sweet Buttermilk Rolls

Süße Buttermilch-BrötchenSince I baked the Yoghurt Sesame Rolls the first time I think about how to change the recipe so that the overnight method would work for sweet rolls, too. Normally I add some eggs to my sweet rolls dough, but to keep a dough with egg overnight at room temperature was too risky in my eyes. And so I decided to try a modified sweet roll recipe using buttermilk. Buttermilk is rich on lecithin same as egg yolks which is positive for the dough development.

Folding the dough develops the gluten network nicely and makes the crumb fluffy and soft. The crust is soft, too like a good sweet roll should be. The rolls gain flavour due to the long fermentation even without adding a preferment and the rather low hydration makes them easy to shape so that this recipe is ideal for beginners in bread baking.

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July 17th, 2011

Potatoe Buttermilk Rolls

Kartoffel-Buttermilch-BrötchenI don’t like it when I have left overs in the fridge. They tend to grow old and after some days I will throw them away. And I don’t like to throw away food! Normally I plan our meals so that we eat everything or that the left overs are enough to be packed as lunch at work on the next day. But this saturday there was some potatoes left. Nothing else, only potatoes. And we had a invitation for Lunch the next day, so cooking something with something with them was out of question.

I inspected the fridge and found following things: Some Pâte fermentée, made because I wanted to bake something but without any recipe in mind, a cup of buttermilk and as I told before, potatoes. Looking on these things I had a Idea at last: I would bake some nice rolls for breakfast on Sunday.

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