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March 7th, 2010

Multigrain bread

DSC_1713When Steve of Bread Cetera posted a recipe for Multigrain bread recently I knew that this is a recipe I had to try because I love any kind of Multigrain bread!

I changed some smaller details of the recipe due to my pantry: I replaced sunflower seeds with sesame seeds because sunflower seeds survive seldom long enough in our pantry to go into a bread dough. Then I used cracked spelt instead of cracked wheat just because I liked to add another grain into the dough and then I did not get any high gluten flour here so I bake it with normal flour (Type 550). I think that the missing high gluten flour is the reason why I did not get a so open crump! But missing open crumb do not effect the taste! The bread is very delicious, a bread I will bake again! Continue reading

January 18th, 2010

Hemp Bread

HanfbrotHemp is normaly associated with drugs. But hemp fibres was always used for making ropes and tissue and it nutritious seed were eaten, too. The seeds are packed with essential fatty acids, all eight essential amino acids, vitamin E, vitamin B, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. And the hemp seeds you can buy at whole food stores are as good as THC free (This is written on my package, too). So its a healthy ingredients for a healty bread.

Because I am still cleaning up my pantry, I also add sesame and flax seeds and replace a part of the flour with breadcrumbs. I use to dry single slices of bread which are getting steal and later grind them into breadcrumbs. So adding Breadcrumb into a new bread is some kind of bread recycling! 😉

The bread is delicious: It has a slight nut taste and it is so crunchy because of the seeds. Hemp seeds stay crunchy even in bread. I prefer to eat it with some butter and fleur de sel, thats is enough to underline its taste! Continue reading

November 19th, 2009

Curdbread with Wheat, Spelt and Millet

QuarkbrotIDania from El Aroma de Idania choose a wonderful theme for Bread Baking Day: “Mixed Bread” – Baking bread with two or more different flours. That’s my theme for sure because I love to use different kinds of grains in breads. So it was easy for me to develop  a recipe using wheat flour, spelt flour and millet flour. I never used milled before so Bread Baking Day seemed to be a great change to bake a bread with it. Because millet has no gluten I use a small amount millet and added spelt and white wheat flour to the dough, too. Because I was thinking of a light and tasty bread with a soft crumb I added also some curd and toasted seeds.

The bread turned out fine: It has a nice crumb under a thin crust, filled with the flavours of toasted seeds. I need just some butter and fleur de sel with this bread to underline its flavour and nothing else. Continue reading

November 5th, 2009


JoghurtbrötchenI like yoghurt in bread very much, as I told before. Yoghurt gives a hint of sourly taste to the bread and elongates the shelf live. So when I saw the recipe for yoghurt rolls at Bäcker Süpkes Blog I know that I had to try them.

Not only I bake the rolls: I found them in  Deichrunner’s Küche,at Chili und Ciabatta and  Bao/Bread. But while the other bakers bake the recipe like it was written, I have to confess two changes: I reduce the amount of yeast and replace the rye with wheat.

The rolls turned out very fine: fluffy with a nice crust and a delicious taste. The perfect roll for breakfast on Sunday. Continue reading