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August 31st, 2011

Plum cake

ZwetschgenkuchenLast Sunday morning I wake up and heard the rolling thunder outside. Taking a look out of the window I decided that I would not leave the house to get some rolls from the bakery. The thunderstorm that was brewing outside turned the beginning day into night again. So I decided to spend the time in the kitchen preparing a dough for a plum cake instead.

My boyfriend has a firm belief how plum cake has to be. The crumb should be airy and soft and thickly covered with plums. During baking the juice of the plums should soak the crumb. And he likes not streusel, no cinnamon or sugar on the plums. To be honest, I am not a great fans of plum cake at all. If I could choose between another cake and plum cake, I would take the other cake for sure. But of course I bake a plum cake if my boyfriend asked me to. Continue reading