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October 31st, 2011


Quitten-Mandel-ZopfIts nearly two weeks ago that I posted a recipe! At the moment my work is once again consuming most of my time, but hopefully this part of my Ph.d. thesis will be finished successfully in soon future. I will tell you more about it then.

The bad thing with stressful days is that it makes me always susceptible for colds. After I had a really bad at the beginning of October the second cold for this month sent me last week straight to my bed again. I drank a lot of tea, eats a lot of vitamins and now the fever is gone. I am just still very hoarse and coughing badly.

But I am fit enough once again for reading blogs and for baking. Paule baked Quitten-Schuedi this weekend, a cake with yeast dough and quince sauce. I liked the Idea of using some of last years quince sauce I had still in the freezer. I need new space to freeze my share of quince from my parents garden that at the moment is still waiting in a small laundry basket in my kitchen. Continue reading