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November 26th, 2011

How to form a Christstollen

Christstollen formen

If you did not bake a christstollen until now, you should do it now because a good christstollen should be stored for four weeks before eating so that the aromas can melt into each other.

I baked my Christstollen recipe which I developed two years ago. It is still my favourite.

Two years ago I searched still for the best method to form the Stollen. Now I have found a method that worked good for me: Continue reading

November 21st, 2011

Three grains bread with Cider

Dreikornbrot mit Cider

Autumn means for me nuts, especially hazelnuts and walnuts. But I bake already a Potato bread with walnuts, Apple-Hazelnut Bread and Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes. And before everyone (including myself) get bored with so much breads with nuts I decided to bake a bread with cider for BreadBakingDay because Apples are strongly connected with autumn for me, too.

The recipe I created included a small portion rye, just enough for some nice taste but not enough to challenge my stomach. I used some rolled oats and whole wheat flour, together with grounded caraway seeds which gave the bread a very nice taste. And spiced bread belongs to autumn/winter for me, too.

I liked the bread very much, especially with a hearty cheese and homemade mustard.

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November 19th, 2011


Apfel-SconesScones are my new favourite for a easy snack on sunday afternoon when I longing for something sweet. The raspberry scones I made in September tasted great and so I wanted to try another variation. When I saw that the last apple from my parents garden started to shrivel a little bit I decided to make apple scones with some whole wheat flour, almonds and some “winterly” spices. It is not Winter now but the last mornings were ice cold, and so cardamom, allspice and cinnamon seemed to fit very well.

The Whole wheat flour and the almons at a little bit more substance to the scones and the apple balance nicely tart and sweet.

I like the scones best with some cranberry jam and a cup of Earl Grey tea.

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November 14th, 2011

Advent Calendar Give Away–And the winner is …


Give me a drum roll, please! We have a winner of my Advent caleder give away!

I gave a number to each email I get for the give away according to the order I get them, and then generate a number with .

Number 9 is the winning number and this number belongs to Rute of Tangerine.


Thanks you again for all your nice comments and Congratulations to my Advent Calendar! Because some of you asked me where you can buy the calendar: you can buy it at booksstores in Germany and of course in the Internet(Amazon,, Thalia, Weltbild for example).

November 13th, 2011

Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes

pain au levainSome time ago I saw a delicious looking bread that Judd baked: Pain aux levain aux grains melanges. I’m in love with breads containing mixed seeds and so I put the bread on my todo list.

This week I managed to bake it, finally – but with some adjustments. The sunflower seeds vanished magically before I started to bake bread and so I replaced them with hazelnuts. I love hazelnuts in autumn breads so for me the change was not so hard. Normally I have grains for home milled whole grain flour and white flour with Type number 550 so I adjust the ratio between the different flour types, because the flours I used had different Type numbers compared with the ones that Judd use.

The bread I get is delicious, full of flavors of sourdough, nuts and seeds and with a moist crumb because of the soaker.

If you want to win my Advent calender you have still time to do enter your name here until today night (13. November 2011, 23.59 Uhr).

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