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December 28th, 2011

Before & After or New Millstones for my flour mill

Mahlstein neu 2

In the last weeks I was not satisfied with the flour I milled with my Home flour mill. Could it be that after 10 years often regular use my once second hand bought mill started to decrease? I decided to try an exchange of the mill stones and ordered some replacement in the internet. And already when I unpack the stones I could the that there was huge difference between the new ones and the old ones (The new stone is always on the right side in the picture.) Now I can mill fine flour again. Continue reading

December 28th, 2011

Orange Swirls


Of course I did not only make a variation of Martins recipe, I although baked the dough with the orginale Orangefilling. I used the same dough as for the Saffron Stars,  again with reduced sugar amount. The Orange swirls are sweet enough with all the sugar in the filling.

The advantages of the long and slowly proofing over night I explained already at the Saffron-Star post, and so I will only speak how great the Orange swirls taste. They taste very intense of Orange, with hints of saffron and caramel. Maybe the saffron is not necessary in this recipe because the orange aroma is the central taste of this sweet pastry.

In my eyes you can eat it all the time: you can eat it as breakfast, as a snack with a cup of coffee, as lunch, as dinner…

Yes, I like this orange swirls very much!

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