Daily Archives: 3rd June 2012

June 3rd, 2012

Spelt rye swirls


I met my mother, my sister and a very good friend for breakfast and promised to supply us with some rolls.

I planed to bake fresh rolls instead of buying some, but the day before I came home late, so I decided to prepare a dough and let it rise over night. As form for the rolls I thought about makeing them as a swirl. I saw this kind of rolls at Chaosqueen, but she used a roll stemp to achive the swirl.

I do not have this kind of stamp, and so I had to think about another way to get the swirls. And so I roll the dough to strands and wind up the strands to form swirls.

The form looks very nice and their taste was very good, with hints of nuts due to the spelt and rye flour and a deep, complex flavour because of the long fermentation. The crust was crunchy and the crumb fluffy, just as a good roll should be!

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