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June 10th, 2012

Berliner Knüppel with Sauerteig

Berliner KnüppelLutz baked “Berliner Knüppel”  this week after a recipe from an old cook book. In the first Variation with no preferment he used a relatively high amount of yeast – to high in my opinion – and Lutz described that he could taste the yeast in the baked rolls. I do not like it when the yeast taste is dominating the bread and so I decided to bake Berliner Knüppel with sourdough. In the same time Lutz created a Knüppel-Recipe with Poolish.

The dough of the Knüppel is firm and to form them properly, it is important to roll them strong enough otherwise the rolls will unfold themself in the oven.

The flavour of the rolls is very nice and the crumb is soft and fluffy like it should be, but the the crust is to soft in my opinion. The next time I will try to replace the milk with water and add some butter in the dough to keep the crumb soft.

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