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May 29th, 2012

Fraisier–eine Erdbeer-Vanille-Torte


I tend to bake a torte for my dads birthdays. This year I asked him if he like to have a torte with vanilla and strawberries, he liked the idea and so I decided to bake Fraisier. The Fraisier looks pretty cool because the strawberries at the rim are split, so that you can the them nicely.

Sadly I can not tell you how the cake tasted because I am allergic against strawberries. But nearly the whole cake vanished, so I think the guests liked it :-).

We spent a great day in my parents garden. It was niece weather and niece people, so we could just relax.

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May 28th, 2012


Salzekuchen (2)

I like to watch the regional TV shows from other parts of germany because I always learn something new about this region. This time I learned about a pie called “Salzekuchen” in a TV show about the hessian kitchen. After a little search in the internet, I know now that Salzekuchen is also called Ploatz, Plootz or Bloads and is typical for Hesse, Parts of Franconia and the region of Rhön and Hohelohn. It is made of a Bread dough  which is topped with a potato or onion mixture. A typical dish in former days, when the village meets for baking bread. For lunch a part of the dough was set aside and used for Salzekuchen.

I decided to make the potato salzekuchen, but I change the recipe a little bit. The original recipe called for about 200ml canola oil. I think this amount is a little bit to much for nowadays where people normally spend most of their days in offices instead working heavily on a farm.

This lighter variant of Salzekuchen is very delicious and we will eat this again, for sure!

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May 24th, 2012

Sour cream – Curd Ice cream with Raspberries


The last days were really warm and humid – it seems like summer is already here. And so it is time to start the ice cream season.

In the lab we did already the first ice cream of summer, our favourite lemon yoghurt ice cream.

After we spend a lot of time in a hot train on our way home after work, the boyfriend and me needed something to cool down again. And so I inspected the content of the fridge and decided to prepare a sour cream – curd ice cream with raspberries.

I like this kind of fruit ice creams at hot days very much.

This recipe is easy to prepare and delicious creamy, with potential as favourite ice cream of the summer

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May 19th, 2012

Rhubarb Napoleons


I like rhubarb very much, as I told you before. And when my mum gave me a generous amount of rhubarb fresh from my parents garden I made a second batch of oven roasted rhubarb. Some of the rhubarb I eat with my muesli during the week, and on the weekend I started to think what to do with the leftover jar.

A little bit sweet to our afternoon coffee sounds like a good idea and so I decided to make Rhubarb Napoleons. When you make them with store bought puff pastry, its an easy and fast treat, but made with homemade puff pastry its even more delicious.

The filling is rather easy, but luscious – whipped cream and oven roasted rhubarb.

Perfect for sunday afternoons.

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May 18th, 2012

Sweet potato and Chickpea Bread


Since Christmas I did not precipitate at Bread Baking Day. The last month were filled with all the things that happen, when you finish your Ph.d. thesis: long days in lab for the last experiments, then writing (and rewriting) the thesis and at least learning for the Disputation. But luckily everything is done now and I can concentrate on things I love: Baking Bread.

BBD is hosted from Sarah From Snuggs Kitchen in this month and has the theme “Bread with vegetable”. And when I thought what to do with some sweet potato leftovers, I decided to put it in a bread. And the chickpea flour (chickpeas are vegetables, too) I neglected for a to long time would be a nice addition, too. And so I went to work in my kitchen, making bread with sweet potatoes and chickpea flour.

I had to reduced the amount of water which I added to the dough because the chickpea flour makes the dough very soft. But then handling the dough was possible and I placed the loaves in some proofing baskets and let them proof overnight in the fridge.

While I baked the loaves the next morning, the fragrance of chickpea filled the kitchen. And when I take the loaves out of the oven, they started to “sing” immediatly. The crackle of their crust already promised a crispy crust with a soft crumb. And the colour of the crust was stunning, too: A dark brown with deep orange slashes, with accents of white flour. A bread for all senses.

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May 14th, 2012

Burger Buns – Overnight Variation

Burgerbrötchen The second kind of bread I bake for our BBQ-Party was Burger Buns for the grilled Burger we planed to make.

To tweak my recipe I baked them now a couple of times and are very pleased with the recipe. An important point to archive a fluffy, regular crumb is to knead the dough long enough to ensure that the gluten network is fully developed. The crumb will be very soft and pillowy then. The crust is soft, too, like a perfect burger bun, but the bun has much more substance then the buns you can buy in the supermarket.

The slow and long overnight proofing create a complex aroma and prevent the crust of the buns from cracking open uncontrolled. They gain colour fastly due to the egg and sugar in the dough, so it’s better to keep an eye on them while they are baking.

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May 12th, 2012

Cloverleaf rolls

Kleeblatt-BrötchenI neglected the Blog a little bit in the last months. But I passed the defence of my Ph.d. thesis successfully last Monday so I have time for blogging once again.

We (some other freshly made “Dr.”s and me) had a party to celebrate this event. I volunteered to take care of the bread and tested two new overnight recipes for the party: cloverleaf rolls and burger buns. The Burger buns are made with very little yeast and proofed overnight at room temperature while the cloverleaf rolls proofed in the fridge. I only had to bake the rolls the next morning.

The cloverleaf rolls are a little eye catcher for  a buffet. One of the “leaves” of the cloverleaf is dipped in sesame, one of the them is dipped in poppy seeds and one stayed plain. It is my miniature variation of the German “Brötchensonne”.

They taste very good, too, with a complex flavour due to poolish and the long and cold proofing.

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May 4th, 2012

Cream puffs with Vanilla rhubarb

Windbeutel mit Rhabarberfüllung

Since days I am dreaming of some kind of rhubarb cake. So when I spotted some beautiful red rhubarb stalks in the organic food shop I decided immediately that I would take some home with me (especially when the organic grown rhubarb was better looking and cheaper then the conventional grown I saw earlier this week in the supermarket).

On my way home I started to think about what to bake with the rhubarb. I’m still learning for my disputation, so time for baking is short. So I decided to do make cream puffs with oven roasted, vanilla flavoured rhubarb. Something that is easy but delicious.

When I tried the rhubarb when I took it out of the oven, I could hardly stop eating everything. It tasted so good. (Note to myself: Next time double the amount of the oven roasted rhubarb, then I would have some to stir in yoghurt)

The cream puffs are even more delicious then the plain rhubarb: a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, embraced from vanilla. Hmmh…!

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