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June 16th, 2012

Bergische Knüppel

Bergische Knüppel I was very happy with the taste of the “Berliner Knüppel” but their crust was to soft in my opinion. And so I decided to bake another variation, containing less milk but add some butter to the recipe.

I also decrease the time I gave the rolls for proofing. After I realized that their ovenspring was not as high as expected I go down to 35 min and put the rolls in the oven when still a little underproofed. Now they have the kind of ovenspring I was aiming for.

And after changing the recipe so much I decided to change the name, too. Now I call them “Bergische Knüppel” because I am living in the “Bergische Land”.

The rolls are very satisfying now: a complex aroma, crispy crust and soft crumb, that is how a roll should be.

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