December 6th, 2012

Santa Claus Hats

Nikolausmützen (2)When I’m baking for my colleagues like for our christmas party today, I always try to find special forms for the rolls that fits to the season. This time I got inspired from a recipe from the TV show WDR Servicezeit and bake little Santa Claus Hats. The dough for this rolls is the same like the Spelt Rye Swirls and I let them ferment and bake them like described in the recipe.

The little Hats are easy to make. You have to roll the dough into a ribbon with 1 cm thickness and 12 cm width. Cut the ribbon into triangles with a 7cm width base (1). Now stretch the base and fold it over to form a 1.5 cm width brim (2). Then take the tip and fold it down, too (3). Wet the brim with some water (4) and sprinkle with sesame. To avoid sprinkling all over the hat, use a dough scrapper to shield the rest of the hat(5). For the pompon form a little dough ball with 1 cm diameter, dip on side in sesame and press it on the tip of the hat.


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  4. Connie December 13th, 2012

    Your colleagues are very lucky to have you baking such nice rolls for them. Maybe you can hang the santa claus hats in your christmas tree too? They’re very cute.

  5. Manu December 6th, 2012

    Bei der Überschrift hatte ich direkt mit was Süßem gerechnet. 😉

    Die Idee ist ja wirklich zauberhaft.



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