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May 6th, 2013

Three Grains Bread


I like a hearty whole grain bread. Like this one. It is a really mild one, perfect for persons who do not like sour breads. It is a bread without sourdough but with a very long and cold fermentation, which is only shortly disturbed every now and then when the dough is stretched and  folded. Even the loaves proofs in the fridge, too.

Due to slow fermentation the bread developes a incredible taste. The sweetness of the freshly milled flour is clearly recognizable, combined with the nutty undertones of whole grains and the complex notes due to the fermentation. The long rest let the flour absorb more water then normally and so I could add more water to the dough. This makes the crumb moist.

It is a bread, which in its simple way of preparing is perfect for beginners who are still a little bit scarred of sourdough. It requires not much more then a good deal of patient, because you need two days until you can pull it out from the oven. But then your patient will be rewarded…

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