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May 3rd, 2013



The television broadcast “Markt” featured a interesting report about potatoes, including a potato tasting. The tasting take place in the Restaurant of a colleagues spouse, and she and one of my other colleagues were part of the tasting, too. So watching TV last Monday was mandatory. The result of it did not suprise me so much: the imported potatoes from Egypt and Cyprus looked very good, but tasted – as my colleague Birgit stated – like putty while the local potatoes, grown in the Rhineland, was very flavourful.  I made this experience by my own, too and always try to buy potatoes from a local farmer.

To honour the potato I decided to bake some potato rolls. But my “Kartöffelchen” (little potatoes) should not only be called “little potatoes” they should look like a potato, too. And so they have a dark brown crust and a fluffy yellow crumb. But the soft dough is not so easy to form. If you would like to have a simpler shape, I would suggest to cut the dough  into squares like described Yoghurt Sesame Rolls.

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