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May 26th, 2013

Baguette royal 2013

Baguette royale

The Newspaper Tagesspiegel published an article about Ridha Khadher, who’s Baguette was the only one which get 20 of 20 points in the Best Baguette of Paris award 2013. In the articel, Monsieur Khadher mentioned the ratio of water and flour (T65) he uses, and gave a rough overview about the procedure. It was enough for me to build a recipe out of that.

A intersting point was that he uses nearly ice cold water (5,6°C) and kneads his dough more then other recipes I knew. Then the dough rest for 24 hours in the fridge, which seems to be a very important point for great baguettes, because Anis Baboussa (Winner of the award in 2008)as well as Jean-Noël Julien (Winner of the award in 1995) and Jean-Pierre Cohier (Winner of the award in 2006) opt in their baguette recipes for a long and cold fermentation instead of using a poolish or levain. Continue reading