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October 26th, 2013

Apple Hazelnut Rolls

Apfel-Haselnuss-Brötchen (2)And here is already the second recipe for freshly baked breakfast rolls. They need – similar to the last recipe – only a short time in the morning until they are ready to bake, but need a little bit more attention the evening before when the dough is prepared. The apple has to be peeled and cut, the soaker has to be made and the nuts hast to be roasted and cut. But the rolls are worth the effort! They are slightly sweet due to honey and apple with the deep flavour of roasted nuts and hazelnut oil, combined with the complex flavour of the long, slow rise over night.

That I soaked the apple pieces together with the rolled oats in boiling water was done by purpose. The apple I use is from an old variety (presumably Jakob Lebel) and turn brownish as soon as you cut them. This change in colour is due to the reaction of an Enzyme in the cells which are demaged by cutting the fruit. To scald the apples with boiling water denatures the enzymes and turns them inactive, so the apple pieces will not turn brown.

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