May 9th, 2011

Seeded bread with sourdough a la Hamelmann

Saatenbrot mit Sauerteig nach HamelmannWhen Lutz describes a bread with the words “a new favourite” then I know that I have to try this bread by myself. And a bread with sourdough, whole wheat and seeds is always tempting for me.

And so I did not wait long until I bake this recipe. I made some small changes, like roasting the seeds before soaking them and I made the sourdough with freshly milled wheat. My third change is that I bake the bread a little bit longer, so that I get thick aromatic crust.

The resulting bread is delicious, an easy to handle dough, with a very good ovenspring and a great taste. I can just repeat what Lutz already said: A new favourite!

Seeded bread with sourdough a la Hamelmann


  • 170g wheat, freshly milled
  • 210g Water
  • 25g Sourdough Starter


  • 110g Sun flower seeds
  • 90g Sesame
  • 50g poppy seeds
  • 300 g Water
  • 30g Salt


  • sourdough
  • soaker
  • excess water of the soaker
  • 700g flour Type 550
  • 530g  wheat, freshly milled
  • 540g Water
  • 15 g fresh yeast
  • 40g honey

Mix water, flour and yeast for the sourdough and ferment it overnight (about 12 hours).

For the soaker roast all seeds in a pan until golden, then mix the dry ingredients and add the boiling water. Let soak overnight.

The next morning strain the soaker through a sieve and save the excess water for the dough.

Mix all ingredients except the soaker for the dough  and knead it for about 5 min at low speed, then 8 min on high speed until medium gluten development. Turn back to low speed and knead the soaker into the dough.

Ferment for 1,5 hours. Fold the dough three times during this time.

Form two breads and place them in brotforms.

Proof for 1,5 hour.

In the meantime heat the baking stone at 250°C.

Bake the breads for 55 min with steam.


I send this Bread to Yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked goods.

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4 thoughts on Seeded bread with sourdough a la Hamelmann

  1. Jarlissa February 21st, 2012

    Ja die liebe Zeit! Ich konnt auch mehr davon vearrtgen, dann wurd ich unser Brot immer selbst backen. Den Malzextrakt hab ich bei bestellt.

  2. Friesi May 8th, 2012

    noch ein hinweis… meine kenwood war VOLL… soviel Teig… und meine kleinen Garkörbchen völlig überfordert… nächstes mal halbiere ich das Rezept glaube ich… inkl Saaten und Wasser sprechen wir immerhin über 2,8 kg Teig


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