October 11th, 2011

Apple Hazelnut Bread


MC had the good idea to bake a local bread that contains ingredients which are an expression of the surrounding area. In my opinion this is a beautiful idea and especially in autumn there are a lot of local things that one could put in a bread to catch the essence of “Home”.

I changed her recipe so it resembles my home: A rustic country loaf, with the apple juice made from windfall fruits(Streuobstwiesen with apple trees are very typical here), hazelnuts and summer flower honey from a local bee keeper.

The apples I use are from an old apple tree in my parents garden. My grandparents planted about 50 years ago when they build the house. I love this tree. When I was small I often sat in the crown of this apple tree feeling safe and sheltered there. Later a nearly level branch became my “horse” with reins and stirrups made of rope. I spent many hours “riding” during dream worlds.

Nowadays I value the tree because of the apples, too. They are delicious, perfect for cakes and compote – and when the autumn is very warm like this year, they get a perfect beautiful red hue.

The bread I made with the apple juice is very tasty, with a regular crumb and a thick aromatic crust. The taste of the apples is weak, but noticeable and the honey round the flavour nicely off. It taste like autumn and in my opinion like home, too.


Apple Hazelnut Bread


  • 200g flourType 550
  • 200g Water
  • 20g Sourdough Starter


  • Sourdough
  • 1060g flour Type 550
  • 120g rye freshly milled
  • 120g wheat, freshly milled
  • 450g Water
  • 400g freshly press apple juice
  • 40g Honey
  • 28g Salt
  • 200g Hazelnuts, roasted and coarsely chopped

Mix water, flour and starter for the sourdough and ferment it overnight (about 12 hours).

Mix flours, water, sourdough, honey, apple juice, salt and water and let rest for 45 min (Autolysis). Then knead it for about 3 min at low speed, then 6 min on high speed until medium gluten development. Now add the nuts and knead for another 2 min

Ferment for 2 hours.

Form two breads and place them in brotforms with the seam side up.

Proof for overnight in the fridge.

In the meantime heat the baking stone at 250°C.

Slash breads prior baking.

Bake the breads for 45min with steam.

I send this entry to yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked goods.

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4 thoughts on Apple Hazelnut Bread

  1. MC October 14th, 2011

    Wow, Stefanie! I love it that you baked your own childhood memory in that bread. It looks rustic and delicious and how lucky you are to still have access to your family home…

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  3. Karin Anderson February 26th, 2014

    Ich habe dieses Brot auch schon oft gebacken, allerdings mit Gerste, die Kombination Haselnüsse und Apfel ist sehr lecker. Deine Variante gefällt mir auch sehr gut.
    Wir hatten auch so einen schönen Apfelbaum im Garten. Hier in den USA gibt es leider keine richtig guten Backäpfel, meist wird Granny Smith genommen (säuerlich, aber wenig aromatisch) oder Macintosh (weder säuerlich noch aromatisch).
    LG aus Maine,

  4. Luiza August 19th, 2014

    Auch dieses besondere Brot steht oben auf meiner Nachbackliste…
    Wieso wird das Brot am besten bei geoeffneter Tuere im Backofen zum Auskuehlen gelassen?
    Liebe Gruesse, L.


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