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April 12th, 2015

Bitter Orange Curd

Bitterorangen CurdTwo Kilogram of bitter oranges found their way into my kitchen last week. Not for making marmelade – there I prefer the sweet variant – but for making candid orange peel! But for making candid orange peel I needed to juice all of them. And I was suprised about the great flavour of the juice, combined with a clear tartness. And there was no trace of bitter flavour.

But what should I do with the delicious juice? A bitter orange curd, of course! I did a big batch as I had enough juice which had to be used. Two of the glasses I gave to dear friends – the rest I kept for myself. Together with my favourite braid this makes a perfect breakfast on sunday!


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May 11th, 2014

Malt Syrup

Malzsirup (2)

Now it’s official. I’m a little bit crazy.

I mean, who else would start making malt extract from scratch? But when I started to search for treasures in my pantry I found some left over barley malt from our last beer brewing. And that’s when the thought came to my mind that I could do my own malt extract. If you ever made beer by yourself you will know most of the procedure.  Mixing milled malted barley with water and keeping it on defined temperatures for some hours.  I do this in the oven which works very well with our normal mini batches (6 litre). After mashing I strained the mixture through some cheese cloths and then brought the malty liquid to boil. After the volume reduced to the half I had a thick, sweet syrup which looks and taste like the malt extract I normaly buy for baking bread.

I don’t think I will not start to make my malt extract by myself on a regular basis. But it is good to know that I could if I would like!

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September 1st, 2013

Noisette Caramel Spread

Noisette-Karamell-CremeThere is a big party going on in the Kochtopf. One big party? Not really, we are talking about weeks of parties! Dear Zorra is celebrating the ninth birthday of her blog. Can you imagine that she is already nine years blogging?

And so the weeks are filled with events and surprises. For the monthly Blogevent she asked us to create recipes which use a hand blender or hand blender with or without accessories like a mini chopper. This time it is an easy task.

During our holidays in Alsace I bought a glass chocolate spread with nuts and crunchy caramel. It was a delicious treat, which I could eat with a spoon without bread. Being back at home I decided to make my own version of this spread.

And already the first try was a success! The Spread taste of roasted hazelnuts and semi sweet chocolate, with finely crushed caramel, which slightly crackle when I eat it. A perfect treat for a birthday breakfast.

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June 18th, 2011


Curry-Ketchup Ketchup should taste of fruity tomatoes, a little bit sour and sweet. When we were craving for a Curry Ketchup some time ago I filled through “Vegetarian Basics” from Sebastian Dickhaut and Cornelia Schinharl and found a nice recipe.

To add pineapple to a ketchup sounds a little bit strange but nothing ventured, nothing ganined!

And so we started cooking. We didn’t stick to the recipe (what is normal for me). We did not peel the tomatoes (too much work) and add more curry, tomato paste and some  vinegar. Without vinegar the ketchup was only sweet, but the vinegar makes it round.

Now is the mixture perfect: sour and sweet, fruity and hot.

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May 15th, 2011

Elderflower jelly

Holunderblüten-GeleeThis year is a good year for elderflowers and due to the warm weather of the last weeks they are flowering very early.

Because I like their taste very much I already picked a lot to bake elderflower pancakes, make elderflower vinegar and elderflower jelly.

For the elderflower jelly I changed the recipe I used last year a little bit. Last year I soak elderflowers and lemon slices for 24 hours in water and used this extract to cook a jelly. It tasted good bad had a slightly bitter aftertaste. So this year I decided to use lemon juice instead of lemon slices.

The taste of the jelly is much better now. The taste is milder and the flavour of the elderflowers is more dominant in the jelly.


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November 16th, 2010

Quince chutney

QuittenchutneyThe harvest of quince was as good as the apple harvest this year. So we give away a lot of quince to our neighbours, friends and colleagues because I have still a lot of quince jelly in the pantry from last year.

Last year I miscalculated how much jelly two persons can eat during a year. So my boyfriend was totally against cooking more jelly because he like to eat some other jelly then quince for breakfast sometimes.

Already two years ago I made some quince chutney with my mom. That was really delicious especially with some cheese. The mixture of sour and sweet harmonize very well with the flavour of the quince and the hot pepper adds a nice nuance.

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August 23rd, 2010

Confiture de lait

Confiture de lait (1)

Its now about two weeks that I posted the last time. The last weeks were extremly busy so that I had no time for trying new recipes. I bake only recipe that are tried and tested.  But if you are looking for something you can top on your bread I can strongly recommend Confiture de Lait. The inspiration for my recipe I found here, here und here .

The confiture de lait is a caramel spread similar to dulce de leche. But while all recipes I found for dulce de leche asked for sweet canned evaporated milk confiture de lait is make with “real” milk. I do not like evaporated milk, so I preferred this recipe. And I love the fact that the confiture contains vanilla seeds and sea salt. That adds a delicious taste to the spread.

And it is not a difficult to prepare. You need milk, sugar, a vanilla pod, some salt and time. I needed about one hour and I think that if you increase the amount of ingredients you have to increase the time for cooking, too.

At the end of the cooking time you have to keep an eye on the confiture de lait because now it will become dark very quickly. I like it most when the spread is still light brown because then the caramel flavour is not so strong and harmonize very good with the vanilla.

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May 16th, 2010

Hot Pepper Mayonnaise (egg free)

DSC_2732I am counting the days until my broken oven will be repaired. Luckily the repair is not so expensiv,it will cost us around 90 Euro.

My phone call with the service was funny. After I explained the problem the service man explained: “I think the fuse is not burned out. It is just a little bit scorched. But it has to be repaired!” I agreed with him because that’s why I called him! 😉

And as long as I can not bake I focus in other things. Cleaning the kitchen got boring after some time so I did a photo shooting with some hot peppers I bought.

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April 25th, 2010

Egg free Mayonnaise

eifreie MajonaiseHomemade Mayonnaise is very delicious and very simple to prepare. But I am always sad when I have to throw away the leftovers. But I do not dare to keep them, my fear of Salmonella is stronger then the pangs of conscience about wasting food.

I was thrilled when I read on Fool for Food about a egg free Mayonnaise. Claudia posted a recipe that used milk instead of egg. The only bad thing was that the recipe asked for an immersion blender. I do not own one, so I start thinking. And then I thought, why not use my beloved food processor. With its whisking attachment it whips perfectly all kinds of creams. I use it for normal mayonnaise as well, so I started a first attempt.

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