March 25th, 2009

English muffins

I ran into them twice last week: here and here. And could not get them out of my head. In germany I never found something like this, just something called Toastis from the brand Golden Toast. But I bought it just once and never again. I do not like bread that taste mostly like the plastic bag it is sold in. But the pictures in the blogs look so delcious, so I thought that it would be a good idea to give them a second try.  And the muffins turned out well, a little bit sour, a little bit sweet. The recipe is a cross between the sourdough-muffins from Wild Yeast and the recipe from Le Pètrin. Continue reading

March 21st, 2009

Chocolate Orange Soufflé

I told already last week, that I plan to bake the Chocolate Orange Soufflé from IMAfoodblog . And this weekend I had the time to do it finally. But to bad I was to slow with making a picture, so thats all I can present:

As you can see we liked it very much 😀 And because I do exceptionally the recipe without changing anything,  I do not copy Nicks detailed discripton for this delicious dessert. Just go to his side and have a look by yourself.

March 18th, 2009

Mixed Seedbread and Onion/Mushroomquiche

Last weekend we were invited to the birthday party of a friend of mine. The evening before she called a little bit worried, because she realised that the party food was not vegetarian, except off salate and bread. I offered instantly to bring a quiche, pleased that I had a reason to bake.

But then I could not decide: onions or mushrooms? And I planed to bake bread also , for that I prepared already a preferment. So what to do?

But then I had an idea. Why not make one dough, then splitt it and make bread with two-thirds and the quiche with the other third? Continue reading

March 16th, 2009

BBD#18: Chapati

felt really troubled when I saw the topic of BBD#18: Quick Breads. My first though was: “But I never do quick breads. I do not LIKE quick breads.”

And the suggested variant Soda-Bread I tried once and did not like to repeat it. Bread means to me yeast and time, a lot of time! And the other recommendations like muffins, wafles and pancakes are for me no breads either, but something like cake. But this weekend I baked muffins, so I send the post to Fun & Food Blog

But then, while preparing an indian dinner, it dawns on me: chapati are quick breads! So good, that it is allowed to hand in two posts!

The recipe is in cups, what is unusual for me. But the recipe calls for cups, and that is unusual for me, too, I followed the recipe. 😉



  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons Ghee (geklärte Butter)

Knead flour, water, salt and ghee. The dough should be soft but not sticky. Give the dough a short resting periode, at least 5 min, but a longer is better, because the handling is easier then.

Divide the dough into 8 pices and roll out thinly. Heat your pan to middle heat. Bake the Chapati in the pan on both sides, untill goldenbrown spots develop. If it starts to blister  press the bubbles down with the spatula, so that whole Chapati bloats. (But that does not work with me.) Put on a plate and cover with a towl.

Taste good with indian Curry.


Update: Das Round-up ist da! Continue reading

March 15th, 2009

Chocolate custard muffins

I planned to try a chocolate soufflé this weekend, but I catched a mean cold (again). So I spend the whole saturday in bed, and sunday i was better, but not well enough for kitchen experiments. So I postpone the soufflé to the next weekend and choose a simple recipe instead.

I want to try the chocolate custard muffins from Dan Lepard for a long time. I just had no neutral oil, so I exchanged the oil for butter. But that did not spoil the result, the muffins are very fluffy.


Chocolate custard muffins

yields 6 muffins

  • 25g cornflour
  • 1,5 tablespoons cocoa
  • 100g  sugar
  • 125ml cold water
  • 65g unsalted butter, cubed
  • 65g dark chocolate, choped
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • 65g flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder

Place the cornflour, cocoa, sugar and water into a saucepan and stirr until boiling. The mixture becomes very thick and smooth. Add in the chocolate and butter and stir untill the mixture is homogenous. Now add the egg and mix again, now add flour and baking powder and mix untill a nice dough develop. Fill into 6 Paper-Muffinforms  and bake add 180°C for 25 minutes.

Continue reading

March 11th, 2009

Croissants and Pain au chocolate

My Boyfrind is always very happy, when I bake pain au chocolate for breakfast on sunday. I like crossinats more, but he loves them, but – and that’s important- they have to contain TWO bars of chocolate. He looked very suspiciously at the recipe for pain au chocolate in my copy of Bertinets “Crust” and declared it as wrong, because in this recipe the pain contains only ONE chocolatebar!

Steve of Bread cetera use two chocolatebars, too and his technique to roll them into the dough seems better then the one I used untill now. I always had the problem, that some of the pain au chocolate unfold in the oven again, so I used his methode this time.

When I roll the butter into the dough, I normally give the dough one hour to rest in the fridge between two rounds of rolling and folding, but this time I had some time pressure, so I decided to follow the recipe of “Crust” and reduce it to half an hour.

Not a good idea! Although I get a light interior, it was not so nice layered like normal. Next time, I will use the one hour cooling periode between the rolling again! Continue reading

March 1st, 2009

Ceriola – same recipe, new methode

The Ceriola I baked last week were very good. A nice crispy crust and a airy crump, looking as nice as rolls from the bakery. The best rolls I ever bake!

But one single person testing the rolls declared, that the rolls are fine, but the rolls from the bakery are more fluffy. Ok, that arouse my ambition. The recipe itself was fine, I was sure about this. But maybe the methode was wrong? I recalled a post Steve from Bread cetera published some weeks ago. In the Post “More Musings on Mixing” he showed an intressing technique to prepare dough.

Like him, I used the whisking attachment to mix the batter consisting of the sourdough, the yeast, all of the water and a little amount of flour, untill the mixture becomed aerated. Now I changed to the dough hook to mix shortly the rest of the flour with batter. After a resting periode for autolysis, the dough was kneaded untill the gluten developed. That happend really fast, one minute after kneading the dough started to become smooth and after another four minutes the gluten was well developed. Continue reading

February 22nd, 2009


 Its not a good idea to declare on thursday that I am done with baking for this week because on friday, when I see all the beautiful loafs and rolls on YeastSpotting, I always find a lot of things I want to try immediately. This time, I saw the Ceriola from La cocina de ile and could not resist. The picture was so promissing.

But the two years of learning spanish in school had passed me without having a great impact on me. I still rember some words but thats not enough to translate the recipe. With the pictures I get roughly the meaning, but it was not enough to understand it entirely. But luckily there is the Google translation service and the online dictonary Leo. With some help from both of them, I did the translation rapidly. Just the term Masa madre gave me some troubles – but here google could help me too: it is sourdough!

The methode of forming the rolls is shown in this video. Its not so complicated: just form nice bowls, then use the edge of your hand to press in the middle of the bowl. Then fold it together and roll the ends together, giving the roll two pointed Ends. I did this not carefully enough, so I lost most of this pointed ends during the rising Periode. Continue reading

February 22nd, 2009

BBD#17: Potato Bagel Stars

When I see the topic of the 17. Bread Baking Day this recipe came directly to my mind. I was thinking about trying it for a longer time, I just had no opportunity untill now. I knew the methode to form the stars allready from Bertinets “Dough”.  Its so stunning, how two simple cuts could have such a nice effect!

For cooking the potatos I used this time the microwave. Its a simple trick, my collogues use for cooking potatos for lunch at work. Just wash the potatos and then pierce them with a fork for four or five times. Then put the wet potatos to a plate, suitable for microwaves, cover them and cook them at 750 Watt for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on their size. Continue reading