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December 1st, 2013

Roundup “5 Jahre Hefe und mehr”

Blogevent Round up

Where has the last weeks gone? Now it is already December, the christmas lights in the streets are shining (we have beautiful christmas lights in angel form, fitting the name of our town “Engelskirchen” which means Angels Church) and the flavour of Christmas cookies fill the air! But before the blog goes into Christmas mode finally I would like to show you the beautiful favourite breads you send to me for my little blog event!

I was so happy that you shared your recipes with me!

But now take a look at this great breads:

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December 1st, 2013

Marzipan Almond Stollen


I do not make an changes on the recipe of my Christstollen, but some members of our family do not like raisins, and so they do not like Stollen as well. So an alternative was needed! Years ago I already baked a Almondstollen for them, but Almondstollen always has the tendency to get very dry. And that is not so surprising when you take out the ingredients that keeps it moist like raisins for example! But nevertheless I take the challange once again and baked a Marzipan Almond Stollen this year.

The basis for the recipe is the proofed and true recipe of my Christstollen, of course without the raisins and with more almonds. For moisture I use a water roux and added grated Marzipan as well, which adds a nice flavour, too. The fine almond flavour get enhanced from some Tonka bean, and for the classical stollen flavour I grounded candid orange peel in the food processor as fine as possible.

After two weeks of ripening we tested the stollen, and it was still moist. Not as moist as Christstollen, but so much better then every Almond stollen I ever baked before! And it taste very good, too! Maybe I have to bake to different kinds of stollen from now on…

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