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December 20th, 2013

Meringue Mushrooms

Baiser Pilze (2)Sometimes I see a recipe and I have directly a person in mind who would be like it as small treat.

That happened to me, when I saw the little meringue mushrooms on Food52 shortly before christmas. At this time it was already to late but I kept it in mind the whole year and made it this week as little Christmas present for someone who loves to go on a mushroom foray.

And I was surprised who simple they are made. Who ever made some meringue before will do this easily. You just have to pipe flat, round hats with a big piping tip. The stems are made by moving the tip slowly  upwards and the lamella are made by dipping the bottom side of the hat into molten chocolate. You see, it is really easy to do but the effect is great!

A perfect gift for mushroom fan!

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December 15th, 2013



And here I am with another modification of my standard recipes. I saw a picture of Mohnkipferl (poppy seeds crescents) somewhere in the depth of the world wide web some weeks ago, but did not save the site nor the recipe (my fault, I know). And so I had to be creative…

I replaced the almonds in my vanilla crescent recipe with ground poppy seeds. I ground the poppy seeds with the mini chopper accessory of my hand held blender, but an electric coffee mill or a food processor should do the job, too.

The poppy seed experiment worked out perfectly, the kipferl a perfectly mellow and are a perfect contrast to my normal vanilla crescents!

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September 1st, 2013

Noisette Caramel Spread

Noisette-Karamell-CremeThere is a big party going on in the Kochtopf. One big party? Not really, we are talking about weeks of parties! Dear Zorra is celebrating the ninth birthday of her blog. Can you imagine that she is already nine years blogging?

And so the weeks are filled with events and surprises. For the monthly Blogevent she asked us to create recipes which use a hand blender or hand blender with or without accessories like a mini chopper. This time it is an easy task.

During our holidays in Alsace I bought a glass chocolate spread with nuts and crunchy caramel. It was a delicious treat, which I could eat with a spoon without bread. Being back at home I decided to make my own version of this spread.

And already the first try was a success! The Spread taste of roasted hazelnuts and semi sweet chocolate, with finely crushed caramel, which slightly crackle when I eat it. A perfect treat for a birthday breakfast.

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July 28th, 2013

Coconut chocolate bar


At the moment I’m couch bound. A horse fly bite on my knee inflamed badly during this weekend, sending me with fever to the hospital. The good thing is that on Sunday mornings only few people are waiting in the emergency department and  so I get my antibiotics quite fast. But the rest of the day I have to cool my painful leg and walk as less as possible. That is so boring! And so it is very good that I remembered some blog post I wanted to finish since a while.

Like this recipe for coconut chocolate bars, which I made for my favourite colleague as little “thank you” some weeks ago. I found the recipe over at Paule , who got it from Gourmandises végétariennes. The original recipe stems from a Alnatura contest but is not online anymore.

I stick nearly completely to the recipe, only replacing the rice milk with coconut milk, because I decided the more coconut flavour is in the bar the better it is!

They are perfect for hot summerdays, refreshing when served out of the fridge and so delicious, that you will need to hide the box!

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July 25th, 2013

Kalter Hund

Kalter Hund

I take birthday cake wishes very serious. Especially when the birthday child already mentioned month ago that he always got this one special birthday cake in his child hood. And that this cake is his most favourite cake ever. And so I knew directly which cake I would bake. Ok, “Baking” is maybe the wrong term here. The cake is called “Kalter Hund” which means literally cold dog. It consists of consist of Leibniz-Keks and mixture made of cacao, sugar, eggs and coconut oil. The cake was invented in 1920 as promotion for the Leibniz-Keks and was very popular in the 1950s and 60s.

I made the cake with some additional chocolate and with less sugar, which resulted in a very pleasing birthday cake!

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April 1st, 2013

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross buns

When I saw Hot Cross Buns on an English Blog some years ago, I was fascinated by their look and the describtion of the spices (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom). But living together with a person who does not like raisins at all, baking them never made sense to me.

But this year I learned that in Australia and New Zealand Hot Cross Buns are often baked with chocolate instead of raisins. That was the solution to my problem!

And so I baked Hot Cross Buns for Breakfast on Easter Monday. I made the sleeping long variation – like my Burger Buns the Hot Cross Buns are made with only a tiny bit of fresh yeast, so I can form them the night before. They proof by roomtemperature and the next morning I only had to pipe the crosses and put them in the oven. And until I cooked coffee and prepared our breakfast table, the buns are done.

Is there a better start in a day then with a cup of coffee and still hot chocolate hot cross buns with the flavour of cinnamon, cardamom and allspice?

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February 25th, 2013

Chocolate Pear Tarte


When I saw the pears in our fruit basket I had the Idea of baking a pear tart. In my recipe folder in Zotero I found the Birnentarte mit Mascarpone from Chaosqueen.  The tarte sounds very delicious but Mascarpone is nothing you will find normally in our fridge. Chocolate  on the other hand you can find nearly always in my baking cupboard. And so I checked the internet for a recipe. On Confessions of a tart I found a delicious looking recipe, a Chocolate Pear Tart.

I was to lazy to convert cup to gramm and so I decided to use one of my short crust recipe, and when I cooked the pears I followed my own directions, too. But for the chocolate filling I read the recipe attentively.

While the Tarte was baking the whole kitchen was filled with a seductive smell, and the still warm Tarte for our “Kaffeetrinken” was very delicious!

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July 24th, 2012

Chocolate bread

Schokoladenbrot This bread deserves a chorous of praise. Already during baking it filled the house with a seductive chocolate fragrance. And then the first bite of the freshly baked bread … it was everything a chocolate bread can be: fluffy and soft, chocolately, not to sweet, heavenly!

And when you warm a slice of bread a little bit in the toast oven and then add a thin layer of Nutella this slice of bread is a chocolate dream which comes true!

And that makes it worth all the effort you have to put in making this bread. It is – I’m sorry to say this – not a bread for beginners. The dough is very soft and so it is not so easy to handle, but who dare the adventure will be rewarded with a gorgeous bread.

Important for soft crumb is  to knead the dough to full gluten development like for the very soft and fluffy sandwich bread or the pumpkin sandwich bread. This strengthen the gluten network and allows the bread to rise highly. It helps to develope an even crumb, too, an effect which is enhanced by flattening and rolling the dough twice during forming the bread.

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June 23rd, 2012

Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme

Schwarzwälder KirschcremeA dessert made with curd (Quark) is always  delicious and a good dessert for  a potluck barbecue. The Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme I made for a barbecue at my colleagues home is a variation of the Schwarzwälder Kirschcreme a former Ph.d. student of us loved to make for those occasions.

I refined the cream with some vanilla and mix some Gianduja chocolate with the semisweet chocolate. Before I grate the chocolate with a slicer I froze them for a while to make the grating easier and forms nice little chocolate curls then.

I layered the dessert in small glasses, but it looks great in a big bowl, too.

With a decoration of  some fresh cherries and a little bit of cream makes the dessert to a beautiful eyecatcher.

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March 29th, 2012

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Schoko-Kirsch-SchnittenThe Boyfriend had his last day at the place where he worked as student help for the last five years. Next month we will begin with his practical semester. To make the farewell a little bit sweeter, we baked some chocolate cherry cake and cheese puff pastry swirls.

The chocolate cherry cake is colleague-approved, I baked them some month ago as a “Doktor cake” for my colleague Alex, too. It is a delicious but easy to prepare cake which can be transported without being damaged.

I found the original recipe on lecker.de, but I take the amount of sugar (450g!) as an suggestion and decided to use 200g less sugar then the recipe said. Even then the cake was sweet. I think, you could even reduce the sugar amount for another 50g without troubles. I used one egg less than the recipe asked for, too. This fits more to the content of our fridge :-).

The result is a delicious cake, with a lot of chocolate and fruits, a new favourite!

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