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June 7th, 2014

Hot Walnut Ring with Koharsan Wheat

Feurige Walnuss-RingeThe last time I phoned my sister, she told me about a “Baguette” she ate in a cooking class some days ago. She liked the combination of hot pepper, walnuts and whole spelt flour, but the bread had a very thigh and doughy crumb. So I wrote down the recipe and promised to build a better recipe. For that I had to change nearly the whole recipe.

I take out the egg from the formula (no egg is needed in a baguette), but add a good deal more water but much less yeast. I reduced the amount of walnuts only a little bit for a better balance between bread and nut and added some chopped sweet red pepper for the good look. The amount of hot pepper should be adjusted by the personal taste, the amount of Habenero I used brings the recipe definitely to the hot side. If you want a milder version I would decrease the hot pepper and use more sweet pepper instead.

I kneaded the dough as I would knead a baguette dough and in the end I was rewarded with a soft but not sticky dough. It was easy to form some rings out of it. And after a propper fermenting and proofing time (something the original recipe omit) I was rewarded with a great aromatic bread. The Khorasan wheat, which I used instead of Spelt, gives a sweet nutty flavour to the dough which goes very well with walnuts and hot pepper. And the crumb is nicely open, especially when you consider the high amount of whole grain flour. A perfect bread to bring to a BBQ or to eat as a side with a summer salad!

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September 14th, 2013


Dinkel-Walnuss-BrotAs soon as the temperature drops below 20°C, I feel the urge to bake whole grain breads. And a bread with nuts seems to fit perfectly to the season. I picked whole spelt flour, walnuts and buttermilk – a favourite combination for bread. And while I was thinking about a Name I suddenly hat to think about the story of Robbi, Tobbi and the FlieWaTüüt. The FlieWaTüüt in the book was called so, because it could fly (german: FLIEgen), it could swim on the Water, and drive like a car (the Tüüt was the sound of its horn). And with this story in mind I called the bread SpeWaBu (Spelt, Walnut, Buttermilk).

It is a bread that can convince even people who do not  like spelt or whole grain so much. It stays moist due to a hot soaker and the buttermilk helps to form a soft and surprisingly fluffy crumb. It has a mild aromatic taste which pairs well with cheese or honey.

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December 21st, 2012


PeppakakorIs everyone still here? Or  did the apocalypse happened somewhere?

In our little corner of the world the “weather precast for the apocalypse” did not come true (luckily). It is good that I bought my christmas presents already, now I will need them Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund!

With 4°C and a lot of mist this day should be spend on the couch, snuggeled in a warm plaid with a cup of tea and some cookies. On my cookie plate I have some old friends as well as some new. A new recipe besides the Hazelnut Bars and Allspice hats is the recipe for swedian Pepparkakaor

This delicious recipe I found on My Italian Smörgåsbord and I had to try it. It is packed with nuts, spices, malt and honey and they are very delicious. The next time would just exchange the coconut with some hazelnuts, then they will be perfect for me!

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September 9th, 2012


greta gabor schnitte

There are recipe which even I do not dare to change. The recipe for Greta-Garbo-Schnitten is one of this examples. It is a traditional sweet from the side of my family which stemmed from Siebenbürgen /Transylvania. I firmly believe that this recipe is rooted in the cake Gerbeaud-Schnitten of the Cafe Gerbeaud, but I stay with the Name in which it is filled in the handwritten cookbook of my grandmother. That is traditional, it will keep its Name Greta-Garbo-Schnitte.

The only change I dared to make is that I let the dough rest a little bit before I roll it into sheets. That makes rolling it thinly much easier.

The little slices are a great treat with a cup of coffee. And if you have a little bit patient and self-control, you can let them rest some days before eating them and they will reward you with a perfect mellow texture and a taste infused by walnuts, currants and chocolate.

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September 22nd, 2011

Potato bread with walnuts

Kartoffelbrot mit WalnüssenMy colleagues and me used the sunny warm Friday last week to light a fire in our barbecue in our lunchbreak  – probably for the last time this year. We grill all the left overs we had frozen the last times and spend a nice hour in our garden, relaxing after a long week. As a side dish we prepared potatoes which we roasted in the fire. We finished nearly everything, at the end there were only five potatoes left. I do not like to throw away good food so I take this potatoes home and put them into a bread.

I added roasted walnuts, whole wheat flour and some whole rye flour (just a little bit so that my stomach will not complain). As a preferment I chose Pâte Fermentée, which adds a nice flour. I put the bread with the seamside down into the breadform, so the crust will crack in an irregular pattern during the ovenspring. This made a delicious rustic bread, which fits perfectly to sunny days in the beginning of autumn.

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