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March 20th, 2011

Curd rolls

QuarkbrötchenLike Lutz I like to vary the basic recipe of the yoghurt sesame rolls very much. The Hazelnuts rolls were my first variation and a very delicious one!

When my mum asked me if she could bake the yoghurt sesame rolls with curd instead of yoghurt because she like the more sour taste of curd. I told her directly “What a great Idea” and go to the kitchen to create a recipe with curd.

Like in the recipe for this no knead wheat bread I added a poolish and fold the dough three times before fermenting over night. To fold the dough is a easy method to develop the gluten network which creates a nice crumb without kneading. Because curd contains not so much liquid as yoghurt I added some milk to the recipe.

The curd rolls taste aromatic and slightly sour and the crumb is soft and moist. The crust is nice but not as crisp as the crust of rolls just made with water, flour and yeast.

Because the rolls are not kneaded they fit perfectly for the theme of the 38. Bread Baking Day which is “no knead Bread”. I send the entry also to Yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked goods. Continue reading

February 20th, 2011

Engelskirchener Landbrot

Vollkornbrot mit 3 VorteigenFinding recipes for the 37. Bread Baking Day was an easy task for me – it was much harder to make a decision what I want to bake because the topic “Bread with preferment/sponge” is really my kind of bread making. Nearly all breads and pastry I bake are made with one or more preferment.  One very delicious is JT’s Rustic bread with three preferments. It use three diffrent Preferments: Poolish, Biga, Sourdough. And this three diffrent preferments create an incredible tasty bread.

For my entry for BBD I planed something similar. Poolish, sourdough and Pâte fermentée make this bread very aromatic. With a nutty taste of whole wheat and the complex flavours of the preferments with a mild acidity in the background. The bread has a fine crumb and a thick crisp crust.

To get a nice crisp crust I used the convection modus of my oven and opend the door slightly ajar, so that the steam can escape and the cust becomes crisp. Continue reading

December 22nd, 2010


Früchtebrot(2)I planned to bake “Kletzenbrot” this year. Kletzenbrot is named after the Kletzen which are added to the dough and this Kletzen are dried pears. But then I remembered that I have to big glasses filled with dried apples in the pantry because this autumn  I dried a lot of the apples we harvest. (I mentioned before that we harvest lots and lots of apples this year, didn’t I?)

So I decided to use some of this dried apples in the bread instead of dried pears. And so I call it Fruit bread and not Kletzenbrot.  The dough I used is a simple bread dough with sourdough. The sweet of this bread comes from the added fruits and nuts. It tastes most delicious cut in very thin slices and spread with some butter. It is my favorite bread for breakfast at the moment and it keeps fresh for a long time because of the fruits and the sourdough.

This fruit bread is my post for the last Bread Baking Day of 2010, which theme is “Bread with dried Fruits”. Continue reading

August 29th, 2010

Schwarzbier Bread


I belived that I would have to skip this BBD #33. There was so much work in the lab and I have to use most of my creativ potential to solve all the problems with my troublesome experiments.

But then I saw Köstritzer Schwarzbier during my weekend shopping and my brain started to work immediately. Some seconds later I had a recipe for a Schwarzbier bread in mind. And that was perfect because the theme of this month BBD is “Bread with Booze”. So I placed a bottle of Schwarzbier in my shopping basket and changed all of my plans for Baking.

The bread that resulted of this flash of inspiration has a dark colour and a crispy crust because of the beer. I can taste a subtle taste of Schwarzbier but its not to strong to overpower the other flavours. The sweetness of honey complete the taste of the bread.

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July 18th, 2010

Pane Pugliese – BBD#32

Pane Pugliese

Apa269 of Family & Food & other Things choose for Bread Baking Day # 32  the theme “Italian Breads” . Thats a perfect choice for me because it is really hot at the moment and at hot summer days I prefere light breads like Ciabatta oder Pane Francese instead of my normal whole wheat breads.

At our last trip to Metro, a wholesale, I bought a kilogram of durum flour. So I decided to try Pane Pugliese.

But despite the high hydration and the three stretch and fold cycles the crumb was rather dense and not so wide open as I wished it to be. But the crumb was nicely soft and it tasted delicious so I was satisfied. The durum flour gaves a nice yellowish colour to the crumb.

We used a part of the bread for Bruscetta and it was perfect for this.

I submit this bread to Susans Yeastspotting, too.

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June 12th, 2010

Mandelstuten – sweet almond bread for BBD#31

MandelstutenLast Weekend I saw a Mandelstuten – a sweet bread with almonds – at our local baker. But while I love to eat breakfast in the Café that belongs to the bakery, I nearly never buy bread there. I prefer to bake it at my own. But I make for my own: Bake Mandelstuten! And when I read the anouncement for 31. Bread baking day it felt as if Zorra from 1x umrühren bitte read my mind. The Theme she choose for the 3rd anniversary is Bread with nuts. Isn’t this perfect?

When I tried to decide which dough I should use as a basic for the Mandelstuten Paules post reminds me of the Hokkaido Milk Bread. This recipe use cream instead of oil or butter and I liked the idea to create a dough similar to the Milk bread. I included a preferment and add more cream to the dough and removed milk powder from the formula. And because the Mandelstuten at the bakery was braided and then baked in a bread pan so I braided my bread, too.

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May 24th, 2010

Burger Pretzels – Bread Baking Day #30

Burger Bretzeln

Bread Baking Day’s Topic is “Breads with a Twist” and its hostess is Natashya form Living in the kitchen with puppies. While still thinking about a recipe I saw a show on TV where they explained how to make “Burger pretzels”. This is a local speciality which is selled mostly around the castle Schloss Burg and which is part of the “Bergische Kaffeetafel”. This is a tradition similar to afternoon tea in Greatbritain. The “Bergische Kaffeetafel” is served with Coffee from the Dröppelminna, the dark rye Schwarzbrot, sweet white bread called Stuten or Platz, heartshaped waffles, rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon, Burger pretzels, curd, sugar beet molasses, cheese and bacon.

This preztels have not the typical form of a pretzel we know from South Germany but its ends are twisted for four times.

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November 19th, 2009

Curdbread with Wheat, Spelt and Millet

QuarkbrotIDania from El Aroma de Idania choose a wonderful theme for Bread Baking Day: “Mixed Bread” – Baking bread with two or more different flours. That’s my theme for sure because I love to use different kinds of grains in breads. So it was easy for me to develop  a recipe using wheat flour, spelt flour and millet flour. I never used milled before so Bread Baking Day seemed to be a great change to bake a bread with it. Because millet has no gluten I use a small amount millet and added spelt and white wheat flour to the dough, too. Because I was thinking of a light and tasty bread with a soft crumb I added also some curd and toasted seeds.

The bread turned out fine: It has a nice crumb under a thin crust, filled with the flavours of toasted seeds. I need just some butter and fleur de sel with this bread to underline its flavour and nothing else. Continue reading

August 17th, 2009

BBD#23: Pretzels

BretzelnNick of IMAfoodblog choosed a simple – but also difficult- theme for Bread Baking Day : “Something You’ve Never Made Before.” It is a simple theme because there are a lot of recipes I altways want to try – the difficult part was to pick one recipe.

After some musing I decided to try pretzels. Real pretzels made with real caustic lye of soda like the pretzels my grandparents always brought after visiting relatives in swabia. This pretzels are my standard with which I compare every pretzel.

I do some Internet research for a recipe, but at the end I decided to use the recipe in Michael Suas “Advanced Bread and Pastry”. The recipe use poolish, what it is not original for sure, but none of the recipes in the book I tried untill now failed. The only thing I miss in the recipe was how long I should place the pretzels in the lye. Continue reading

August 2nd, 2009

Bread Baking Day #22: Round up

breadbakingday-roundupThanks everyone for participating! I am still stunned from all of this delicoius entries. What a delicious breakfast table! It gave me a lot of ideas of what I want to bake in near future. I think I have to start on top of the List and bake my way down to the bottom.

I recived 48 entries from 13 countries: Germany, Brasil, United States, Saudi Arabia, UK, India, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Canada, Guatemala, Portugal. I did not sort the list but place the entries in order of submission.

I try to leave a comment on every site, but on some it was not possible, because I did not own the right type of account. So let me tell here again: You all did a great job, I enjoy reading each post and seeing all of this delicious breads!

The host of next Bread Baking Day is Nick from IMAfoodblog. The announcement of the theme will be online on 6. august so make sure you visit their page then!

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