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October 28th, 2012

Ammerländer Apfelkuchen

Ammerländer-ApfelkuchenDuring autumn, one of the most used fruits in our kitchen is apple. And when I wake this morning very early around due to the change from daylight saving time to winter time, I decided to knead the shortcrust for apple cake Elfriede. And while the dough is resting in the fridge I have time to blog about the apple cake I bake last weekend. I found the “Ammerländer Apfelkuchen” on Chili & Ciabatta and fell in love with the mixture of apple compote and custard which is used for the filling. Because I always cook custards without the help of convenient products I used Petras Recipe as inspiration, but with my own dough (with a preferment and less yeast) and a  homecook custard. This apple cake is now the new favourite of me. It has a soft apple filling, topped with rich custard, butter, sugar and almond slices.  The compote filling reminds me a little bit of the Rheinischen Riemchenkuchen. And due to this filling, it stays fresh for some days! Continue reading

October 22nd, 2012

Windfall Bread

Fallobst-BrotWhen Martin presented his Windfall Bread with grated apples I knew that this is a recipe I had to test. And when I looked in the basket with windfall from my parents garden I saw some quinces which looked like they had to be used up quickly.  And so I but some grated quinces in the in the bread dough, too.

The bread is really great with a moist and soft crumb and a hint of sweetness due to the fruits.

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October 21st, 2012

Caraway seed rolls


Since weeks I am longing for bread with caraway seeds. Or for Caraway seed rolls sprinkled with caraway and fleur de sel. These are so delicious that I need nothing else then a little bit of butter with them.

And last weekend I finally found the time to bake these rolls. I made a dough containing sourdough which goes well with the flavourful seeds and some commercial yeast to keep the proofing time shorter.

The Caraway seed rolls match exactly my expectations: a soft crumb with a thin crunchy crust, which is covered with little salt crystals and caraway seeds. When I take them out of the oven they smell so tempting that I eat on while it was still hot from the oven.


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October 16th, 2012

Yoghurt Bread


It is amazing how fast the year flies. It is already autumn and World Bread Day is knocking on my door. And because baking a bread with yoghurt for this day is somehow traditionally for me, I decided to bake again a Yoghurt bread in this year.

As preferment I decided to use Pâte Fermentée. I did not use this preferment for a bread for quite some time. I don’t know why because Pâte Fermentée is such a patient preferment. While Sourdough or Poolish are not willing to wait when they reach their peak the Pâte Fermentée will sit in the fridge until the baker finds time to come to kitchen and bake.

The Bread I pull from the oven the next morning (the loaf proofed in the fridge over night) had a nice even crumb which stays moist for a long time due to the yoghurt. Very delicious!

Happy Bread Baking Day!

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October 13th, 2012

Spicy buns


I love to eats raisin buns. The boy friend has a reverse opinion on the topic of “dried grapes”. He tends to mention “murdered grapes” then and suggest to eat them better fresh instead of drying them.

And so there are seldom raisin breads, or raisin buns or apple cake with raisin and I bake most of the time goods we enjoy both. But sometimes I get a craving for raisins.

And that happened to me when I saw the beautiful spicy buns on farine. Sweet rolls with a lot of wholewheat, raisins and cranberries, seasoned with a mixture of cinnamon, cardamom and anise. I had to bake these rolls immediately. I added a little bit of my Lievito Madre to the dough to add some deepness of flavour and decreased the amount of yeast accordingly. My dough contains also a little bit more raisins, just to prevent myself of storing the remaining 20g of raisins somewhere in my little kitchen.

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October 2nd, 2012

Apple Cinnamon Rolls


In the morning the mist is already lingering in the valley I am living in, the air is getting colder and some windy and rainy days made it clear: Autumn is finally here. And so the first windfall from my parents garden is waiting in my kitchen to be used in some delicious recipes.

But what should I do with them? Appel strudel, Apple cake or Apfelküchle are all good recipes, but I was longing for something else. Something with yeast. Something like Cinnamon-rolls?

And so I started a yeast dough and bake some Apple-Cinnamon-Rolls. They are filled with a cream made of egg, butter, almonds and cookie crumbles, which I topped with finely chopped apples. Cinnamon is the main flavour in the seasoning, but a touch of allspice and cardamom add a little bit of deepness it.

A gorgeous treat, perfect for the early autumn!

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