May 5th, 2016

Favourite Recipes

To prevent Micha from feeling alone with her DUBB – Event I have collected all my favourite recipes here. For some of them, like my beloved Wheat and Rye No. 2 or the christstollen, I tend to repeat myself as I repeatedly tell you how much I love them. Others are more quieted, but well loved as well. And how many favourites I have I just learned when started to make this little round up.


Whenever I need a “works well every time” Recipe, I turn to the Wheat and Rye No 2. My mom and I just call it “favourite bread” and I blogged it already in many different shapes:  baked in a wooden frame, as santa berad, as “Tote Hosen”-birthday bread and as Falling star Bread

Rather a new recipe but although a clear favourite is the Swan King Bread. A Reader called it in the comments: “The Brioche among the breads”.







The Oberberger Ärpelbrot contains a lot of potatoes and satisfies my love for potato breads.






I just have to type the first three letters of Sunday braid and my browser will complete it directly. And I knew why, as I open this recipe so regulary to bake this braid for Sunday breakfast.






For Sunday mornings I like the Swiss Butterzopf very much, too. As a real Swiss Butterzopf he is made without sugar, which I like very much.



Buttery is the Pandoro as well. Around Christmas time I have to bake him at least once. And that this is a really well loved recipe you can already guess as I blogged the recipe already twice, the second time  with pictures from all proofing steps.






Since 2009 you can find the recipe for this Nut braid– as the not so beautiful pictures documents. I bake him every year at least once for my birthday.






Streusel cake and his two siblings  Custard streusel und Rhubarb streusel are very beloved. Whenever I start creating recipe variants this is a sign that I am deeply in love with a recipe.






Pretzels are always a good idea and I love to bake either pretzel rolls or this spelt pretzel knots







And if I have to use a “fast” recipe I like to bake this rolls.







Since I developed my perfect vegetarian/vegan Burger patty I had to struggle with some problems. But now I have my one and only recipe for ABC-Burger!






Just in the last summer I learned that no jelling sugar is need for making good jam. The red currant and raspberry jam is the first of many others I made last summer.






Another recipe from the blogs “stone age” is my Christstollen recipe. I bake every year and is the one recipe that carries the “my Papa love it” label.
The“Sweet Starter”-Variante of the recipe is great as well.






Another Have to for christmas are this Christmas almonds.

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  1. Micha May 5th, 2016

    Toll! Da weiß ich auf den ersten Blick, dass ich davon mehr als ein Rezept nachmachen werde 😉
    Hey, Lieblingsrezepte… welcher Foodie horcht dabei nicht auf???


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