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February 28th, 2014

Sandwich Bread with Sourdough and Sweet Starter

Sandwichbrot (1)

Sometimes I love a good sandwich bread. And then there are long phases it does not appeal me at all. But when I feel a hunger for sandwich bread I tend to bake it as soon as possible. That what happend last weekend.

And so when I saw the beautiful braided sandwhich bread with poppy seeds at Sara bakar I knew how the bread should look like. But I decided to use my own recipe with a combination of sourdough and sweet starter. This combination sounds strange in the beginning, but this combination results in a very mild bread with a slight yoghurt flavour. The sweet starter helps to let the bread rise in a relative short time as well!

The bread has a beautiful soft crumb and a nutty poppy seed crust and tasted so good that it vanished very fast!

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February 25th, 2014

Apple Pear Jelly with Vanilla quark

Apfel-Birnen-Grütze mit Vanillequark

Last weekend was the christening of my sweet little nephew. To help my sister I volunteered to prepare the desert and bake a cake. For 18 adults and 9 children I prepared two different desserts (at the end I made about 58 small Glasses with Dessert what was a little bit to much): a creamy chocolate custard and a apple pear jelly with vanilla quark.  I was inspired by a recipe I found at but because I do not like their recipe so much I changed it a lot.

I reduced the amount of sugar and cream and increased the amount of quark, and for the jelly I decided to cook the apple and pear pieces separately and seasoned them with a little bit of Tonka bean which underlines nicely the flavour.

It is a delicious recipe which can easily prepared the day before!

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February 23rd, 2014

Peach Passionfruit Torte


February is normally not the right time to bake little Peach Passionfruit Mousse Tortes. But when cleaning up my freezer, I found a bag with handpicked peaches which one of my dear colleagues gave to me last summer. And with three egg whites in the fridge and some passions fruits in the fruit basket I knew directly what I would do with the peaches: Bringing some summer sun into dark winter days!

The recipe follows my love for light mousse torte. A thin spong cake is topped with some peach jelly with small pieces of fruit, followed from a light mousse and the last layer made of passion fruit jelly. A delicious treat for grey winter days as well as for sun lit summer afternoons!

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February 22nd, 2014

Pain Pavé

Pain Pavé (2)During our last vacation in france I fell in love with the flat, rustic looking Pain Pavé. Pavé means cobblestone and refers to the flat, rectangular shape of the breads. Most of the time they are cut crosswise or with a rhombical pattern.

My version of the Pavé is made with rye sourdough and a long, cold fermentation in the fridge. That helps, together with the folds of the dough, to develope an open crumb and a deep, complex flavour.

It is a bread which goes very well with a flavourful winter soup or very simple with only some goat brie!

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February 20th, 2014

Basler Fastenwähe

Basler FastenwäheSince last year I plan to bake “Basler Fastenwähe”, a special bread which is bake in Basel during Three Kings Day and Carnival. It is made with a very rich dough with a lot of butter,  similar to the swiss butter braid, glazed with egg and sprinkled with caraway.

The form with the four cuts is made with a special tool named “Faschtewaije Yse”. But I don’t own one and so I used a small trick and made the cuts with a not longer used (and very welled cleaned) credit card. The card has the perfect size and making the cuts worked very well.

I liked the Fastenwähe very much, they are very delicious with a rich buttery flavour, which is especially good when the bread is still a little bit warm from the oven!

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February 16th, 2014

Weekend Rolls


After all the sweet posts something hearty is needed here on the Blog!

At the moment I bake a lot of bread using my sweet starter because I’m still in love with my not sour sourdough. I hope it is not getting boring for you. But the sweet starter allows me even to make dough which can rise in the fridge for 24 hours or longer without degrading the gluten or getting to sour. I used a cold fermented dough already for this baguettes. My weekend rolls work the same way, the dough rise in the cold for 12 to 36 hours and whenever I need rolls on the weekend I take some dough out and bake them freshly. The recipe will yield 10 Rolls, but the recipe can easily be doubled. A perfect recipe for a lazy weekend!

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February 15th, 2014

Sweet Lassi

Süßer Lassi

Melanie from Mangoseele invited us to celebrate the first birthday of her blog with a blog event that fits to her blog Name:  Mango.

Sadly Mangos come directly after strawberries on my personal allergy list. And so I had to do what I always do: I left out the mango from the recipe to prevent red dots and problems with breathing. But what I made is delicious without mangos, too: Sweet lassi.

Lassi is a indian yoghurt drink which can be salty or sweet or made with fruits (and then preferably with mangos). It is a very refreshing drink and I order it at my favourite indian restuarant always together with hot curry dishes to ease the burn of the hot pepper.

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February 11th, 2014

Gaufres de liège with sweet Starter

Gafrauge de liege mit süßem Starter

I feed my sweet starter at least once a week to ensure that it keeps it mild flavour and it strength. But what to do with the excess starter if there is no need for bread, baguette or Germknödel?

In this case waffles are always a good idea. And I have a soft spot for Gaufres de liège and so I changed my recipe to fit in sweet starter instead of yeast. But be aware that kneading egg and butter under the starter can be a little bit messy. If you want to keep clean hands, a mixer is maybe a better solution.

The waffles taste as good as the original ones, maybe even better due to the preferment. The only problem I face now is that I have to find a new waffle maker. The plastic of my cheap one started to break into pieces. So if you have any suggestions for a good waffle maker?

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February 5th, 2014

Poppy seed Pastries


Before I decided to bake a nut cake for a spontaneous family meeting last saturday I planned to bake poppy seed pastry later the same day. I already mixed my sweet starter for the dough. But seeing my sisters family and my parents were more important and so I placed the well risen starter in the fridge instead.

The next morning I checked the starter and it smelled and tasted terrific with a complex but mild flavour. And so I decided that I would use it as I would use a Pâte Fermentée. It added a good flavour to the dough, and together with some yeast it helps to give the dough a good oven spring. And with a soft poppy seed filling and some applesauce and crunchy streusel it is a delicious Sunday afternoon treat.

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February 2nd, 2014

Nut cake


Some recipes are just what they seemed to be. Like the “simple and delicious nut cake” recipe which I found on Alex’ Blog Foto e Fornelli. The picture was very tempting and I made a mental note to try the recipe as soon as possible. And when my mum called to ask if we want to meet spontaneously at the weekend, I had THE excuse to bake the cake.

It was a good idea to make this cake because everyone liked it very: moist, nutty and chocolaty is a mixture that never fails! A new favourite cake of our family!

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