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February 25th, 2014

Apple Pear Jelly with Vanilla quark

Apfel-Birnen-Grütze mit Vanillequark

Last weekend was the christening of my sweet little nephew. To help my sister I volunteered to prepare the desert and bake a cake. For 18 adults and 9 children I prepared two different desserts (at the end I made about 58 small Glasses with Dessert what was a little bit to much): a creamy chocolate custard and a apple pear jelly with vanilla quark.  I was inspired by a recipe I found at Lecker.de but because I do not like their recipe so much I changed it a lot.

I reduced the amount of sugar and cream and increased the amount of quark, and for the jelly I decided to cook the apple and pear pieces separately and seasoned them with a little bit of Tonka bean which underlines nicely the flavour.

It is a delicious recipe which can easily prepared the day before!

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February 5th, 2014

Poppy seed Pastries


Before I decided to bake a nut cake for a spontaneous family meeting last saturday I planned to bake poppy seed pastry later the same day. I already mixed my sweet starter for the dough. But seeing my sisters family and my parents were more important and so I placed the well risen starter in the fridge instead.

The next morning I checked the starter and it smelled and tasted terrific with a complex but mild flavour. And so I decided that I would use it as I would use a Pâte Fermentée. It added a good flavour to the dough, and together with some yeast it helps to give the dough a good oven spring. And with a soft poppy seed filling and some applesauce and crunchy streusel it is a delicious Sunday afternoon treat.

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October 26th, 2013

Apple Hazelnut Rolls

Apfel-Haselnuss-Brötchen (2)And here is already the second recipe for freshly baked breakfast rolls. They need – similar to the last recipe – only a short time in the morning until they are ready to bake, but need a little bit more attention the evening before when the dough is prepared. The apple has to be peeled and cut, the soaker has to be made and the nuts hast to be roasted and cut. But the rolls are worth the effort! They are slightly sweet due to honey and apple with the deep flavour of roasted nuts and hazelnut oil, combined with the complex flavour of the long, slow rise over night.

That I soaked the apple pieces together with the rolled oats in boiling water was done by purpose. The apple I use is from an old variety (presumably Jakob Lebel) and turn brownish as soon as you cut them. This change in colour is due to the reaction of an Enzyme in the cells which are demaged by cutting the fruit. To scald the apples with boiling water denatures the enzymes and turns them inactive, so the apple pieces will not turn brown.

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September 8th, 2013

Riemchenkuchen 2

RiemchenkuchenMy  birthday last friday was the last real summer day with 32°C. Already one day later the temperature dropped to 20°C and it started to rain heavily. Hello Autumn! And so it was easy to decide for a cake for the birthday get together with the family. I baked the first apple cake of this season, a cake which is called Riemchenkuchen or Rhineland Applecake. It is a  childhood favourite, a yeast dough cake filled with apple sauce.

Since some days I was thinking about using a mixture of yeast dough and short pastry as a cake base. This combined the advantage of both doughs: a fluffy dough that stays fresh for a long time and which is very easy to handle. It is very easy to prepare this yeasted shortcrust pastry. You have to make a shortcrust pastry and yeasted dough and combine both doughs after the yeast dough has risen.

This worked perfectly for this cake. It looked so good that my dad really asked if I bought the cake… No, it is homemade and it taste just great! Continue reading

October 28th, 2012

Ammerländer Apfelkuchen

Ammerländer-ApfelkuchenDuring autumn, one of the most used fruits in our kitchen is apple. And when I wake this morning very early around due to the change from daylight saving time to winter time, I decided to knead the shortcrust for apple cake Elfriede. And while the dough is resting in the fridge I have time to blog about the apple cake I bake last weekend. I found the “Ammerländer Apfelkuchen” on Chili & Ciabatta and fell in love with the mixture of apple compote and custard which is used for the filling. Because I always cook custards without the help of convenient products I used Petras Recipe as inspiration, but with my own dough (with a preferment and less yeast) and a  homecook custard. This apple cake is now the new favourite of me. It has a soft apple filling, topped with rich custard, butter, sugar and almond slices.  The compote filling reminds me a little bit of the Rheinischen Riemchenkuchen. And due to this filling, it stays fresh for some days! Continue reading

October 22nd, 2012

Windfall Bread

Fallobst-BrotWhen Martin presented his Windfall Bread with grated apples I knew that this is a recipe I had to test. And when I looked in the basket with windfall from my parents garden I saw some quinces which looked like they had to be used up quickly.  And so I but some grated quinces in the in the bread dough, too.

The bread is really great with a moist and soft crumb and a hint of sweetness due to the fruits.

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October 2nd, 2012

Apple Cinnamon Rolls


In the morning the mist is already lingering in the valley I am living in, the air is getting colder and some windy and rainy days made it clear: Autumn is finally here. And so the first windfall from my parents garden is waiting in my kitchen to be used in some delicious recipes.

But what should I do with them? Appel strudel, Apple cake or Apfelküchle are all good recipes, but I was longing for something else. Something with yeast. Something like Cinnamon-rolls?

And so I started a yeast dough and bake some Apple-Cinnamon-Rolls. They are filled with a cream made of egg, butter, almonds and cookie crumbles, which I topped with finely chopped apples. Cinnamon is the main flavour in the seasoning, but a touch of allspice and cardamom add a little bit of deepness it.

A gorgeous treat, perfect for the early autumn!

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November 21st, 2011

Three grains bread with Cider

Dreikornbrot mit Cider

Autumn means for me nuts, especially hazelnuts and walnuts. But I bake already a Potato bread with walnuts, Apple-Hazelnut Bread and Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes. And before everyone (including myself) get bored with so much breads with nuts I decided to bake a bread with cider for BreadBakingDay because Apples are strongly connected with autumn for me, too.

The recipe I created included a small portion rye, just enough for some nice taste but not enough to challenge my stomach. I used some rolled oats and whole wheat flour, together with grounded caraway seeds which gave the bread a very nice taste. And spiced bread belongs to autumn/winter for me, too.

I liked the bread very much, especially with a hearty cheese and homemade mustard.

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October 11th, 2011

Apple Hazelnut Bread


MC had the good idea to bake a local bread that contains ingredients which are an expression of the surrounding area. In my opinion this is a beautiful idea and especially in autumn there are a lot of local things that one could put in a bread to catch the essence of “Home”.

I changed her recipe so it resembles my home: A rustic country loaf, with the apple juice made from windfall fruits(Streuobstwiesen with apple trees are very typical here), hazelnuts and summer flower honey from a local bee keeper.

The apples I use are from an old apple tree in my parents garden. My grandparents planted about 50 years ago when they build the house. I love this tree. When I was small I often sat in the crown of this apple tree feeling safe and sheltered there. Later a nearly level branch became my “horse” with reins and stirrups made of rope. I spent many hours “riding” during dream worlds. Continue reading

October 8th, 2011

Apple casserole with rolled oat topping

ApfelauflaufIn Germany we had a lot of sun at the end of September to balance the wet and cold summer. The last warm days made the apples on my parents apple tree delicious sweet. But with the begin of October the weather changed to “real” autumn with 10°C as highest temperature, rain and storm.

I was longing for something sweet and warm for dessert to warm me from inside. Something sweet made with the delicious hand picked apples. I longed for the sweedish apple casserole topped with thin-rolled oats. A colleague of mine baked it for her birthday last winter – but forget to give the recipe to me until now.

And so I made the crust like I thought it would work.

And it taste good – who needs a recipe?

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