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May 6th, 2014

Bread Baking Day #68: “Ancient”

breadbakingday #68

Zorras Bread Baking Day exists since 2007 and I feel honoured that I’m allowed to host it now for the third time. After we baked “sweet bread” (BBD #22) back in 2009 and “overnight recipes”(BBD#54) one and a half year ago I decided this time for the theme “Ancient”. But what do I mean with “Ancient”? I would like to focus on old techniques in bread baking (e.g. wood fired oven), traditional recipes (maybe an old family recipe?) and old grain species like Emmer, Khorasan or Einkorn or heritage wheat or rye like red fife wheat, or Johannisroggen for example. You have not to fulfil all three criteria, one of them is enough. And I would love if you try to bake the bread with sourdough, but this is optional!

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July 29th, 2012

Petit Pain de Beaucaire

Pain de BeaucaireI baked already a lot of french breads:  Brioche, Brioche Tropézienne, Baguette in all Variations, Pain d’Epi, Pain de Mie, Croissants and au chocolate, Pain Bordelaise únd Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes. Did I forget something? Ah, yes, there was also the  Pain de Beaucaire.  A great bread, which method for forming the loaves fascinated me already three years ago. It was time to dust off the recipe and bake it again. This time I used an old-bread-preferment and reduce the size of the bread to produce rolls instead. This idea I got from Lutz, who unintentionally baked the Pain de Beaucaire as rolls, an idea I liked already when I read his blog entry two years ago.

And like the last time, forming the bread was an easy thing to do, and seeing the great ovenspring in the oven let me already hope for the best. When I pull the rolls out of the oven their crust sang already its crackling song while cooling down, promising me an airy crumb under the crisp crust. An really, when I cut one of the rolls, I was very happy with the crumb I see, open but not to open, perfect for breakfast.

I’m happy, that Cinzia from Cindystarblog choose the theme French Bread for Bread Baking Day!

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June 29th, 2012

Malt beer knots

Malzbierknoten I’m not a huge beer fan. Seldomly, maybe one or twice a year, I like to have a little bit beer. That happens normally when we are in Belgium and then I prefer some beer from a small (family-) brewery like Brugse Zot. I don’t like Kölsch, a beer that is typical for the region I’m living, and the same is true for Pils, too.

That is not the best starting point to bake a Bread with Beer for the 5. Birthday of Bread Baking Day. I tried it anyway, but was not convinced of the taste of the bread I baked. And so I decided to cheat a little bit and bake some rolls made with malt beer. I used a local brand “Golden Malz” which is produced in a brewery only 9 km from where I live. It is a real piece of home.

The malt beer knots turned out great. Their taste has deep, malty nuance which fits nicely to the nutty taste of the fresh milled wheat in the rolls and the complex aromas which are created during the slow fermentation. The crumb is soft and fluffy and gets a nice light brown hue due to the malt and the crust is crunchy. A good tasting bread for sweet honey or  jam but great with cheese, too

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July 24th, 2011

Pudding Pretzels


Pudding pretzels or Pudding pastry are one of the best pastries you can buy in the bakery. They are so delicious that I even ignore that the boyfriend calls them “Eiterbrille” (that means pus-filled goggles). I know this term for them is common in the Rhineland but I don’t like it.

The pudding pretzels you can buy are made with danish pastry dough but when I made them last weekend I decided to use a simple challah dough instead. That saves some time and a lot of calories!

I filled the both of the loops of the pretzels with pastry cream and they bake very well. All of my fears of melting fillings that flood the oven did not hold true. I would have liked it if the filling melt a little bit at last so that the surface of the pudding would be more even. But it stays as rough as it was when I filled it in. Next time I have to take care to smoothen the surface! Continue reading

May 29th, 2011

Soft Curd buns


The Theme of this month’ bread baking day is “Bread with Curd”. You can find bread and Pastry made with curd very often on our table and I bake already two recipes for BBD with curd.

Because I like sweet buns ( they are called “Weckchen” in cologne”) very much I decided to bake some “Quark-Weckchen” (Curd buns) for bread baking day.

Curd makes bread moist and adds a subtle tartness to the dough. To prevent a to sour dough I decided to use a poolish as preferment. I kneaded the dough very long to make the crumb fluffy and regular and because of butter and egg the crust stays soft.

I do not use so much sugar for this buns, so if you like a more sweet bun like Pani di cena you should increase the amount of sugar.

The buns are everything that I love for a quiet breakfast: Soft, slightly sweet and slightly sour. Prefect for sunday mornings!

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March 20th, 2011

Curd rolls


Like Lutz I like to vary the basic recipe of the yoghurt sesame rolls very much. The Hazelnuts rolls were my first variation and a very delicious one!

When my mum asked me if she could bake the yoghurt sesame rolls with curd instead of yoghurt because she like the more sour taste of curd. I told her directly “What a great Idea” and go to the kitchen to create a recipe with curd.

Like in the recipe for this no knead wheat bread I added a poolish and fold the dough three times before fermenting over night. To fold the dough is a easy method to develop the gluten network which creates a nice crumb without kneading. Because curd contains not so much liquid as yoghurt I added some milk to the recipe.

The curd rolls taste aromatic and slightly sour and the crumb is soft and moist. The crust is nice but not as crisp as the crust of rolls just made with water, flour and yeast.

Because the rolls are not kneaded they fit perfectly for the theme of the 38. Bread Baking Day which is “no knead Bread”. I send the entry also to Yeastspotting, Susans weekly showcase of yeast baked goods.

Curd rolls


  • 100g flour Type 550
  • 100g Water
  • 0,5g fresh yeast (a tiny little bit)


  • Poolish
  • 300g flour Type 550
  • 300g curd
  • 100g Milk
  • 8g Salt
  • 1g fresh yeast

Morning: Mix water, flour and yeast for the poolish and ferment it  for 12 to 16 hours at room temperature.

Evening: Dissolve the yeast into the water and add the mixture to the other ingredients in a big bowl. Mix all ingredients for the dough, if not all of the flour can easily incorporate add another 20g milk. Let it rest for 30 min, then fold it from the outside of bowl into the middle for three or four times. Let rest for 30 min again, then fold the dough and repeat the resting and folding steps one time more. Ferment the dough overnight (8 – 10 hours) at room temperature.

The next Morning: Heat the Baking stone to 250°C. In the meantime roll the dough on a well floured square with a length of 40 cm. Fold from left and right to the middle, then from top and bottom so that the resulting square has a length of 20 cm.

Use a dough scrapper to cut 9 square rolls. Proof for 60  min.

Bake at 250°C for 18 min on a preheated bread baking stone with steam.

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June 12th, 2010

Mandelstuten – sweet almond bread for BBD#31

MandelstutenLast Weekend I saw a Mandelstuten – a sweet bread with almonds – at our local baker. But while I love to eat breakfast in the Café that belongs to the bakery, I nearly never buy bread there. I prefer to bake it at my own. But I make for my own: Bake Mandelstuten! And when I read the anouncement for 31. Bread baking day it felt as if Zorra from 1x umrühren bitte read my mind. The Theme she choose for the 3rd anniversary is Bread with nuts. Isn’t this perfect?

When I tried to decide which dough I should use as a basic for the Mandelstuten Paules post reminds me of the Hokkaido Milk Bread. This recipe use cream instead of oil or butter and I liked the idea to create a dough similar to the Milk bread. I included a preferment and add more cream to the dough and removed milk powder from the formula. And because the Mandelstuten at the bakery was braided and then baked in a bread pan so I braided my bread, too.

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May 24th, 2010

Burger Pretzels – Bread Baking Day #30

Burger Bretzeln

Bread Baking Day’s Topic is “Breads with a Twist” and its hostess is Natashya form Living in the kitchen with puppies. While still thinking about a recipe I saw a show on TV where they explained how to make “Burger pretzels”. This is a local speciality which is selled mostly around the castle Schloss Burg and which is part of the “Bergische Kaffeetafel”. This is a tradition similar to afternoon tea in Greatbritain. The “Bergische Kaffeetafel” is served with Coffee from the Dröppelminna, the dark rye Schwarzbrot, sweet white bread called Stuten or Platz, heartshaped waffles, rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon, Burger pretzels, curd, sugar beet molasses, cheese and bacon.

This preztels have not the typical form of a pretzel we know from South Germany but its ends are twisted for four times.

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February 25th, 2010

Sacaduros – BBD #27


This post is written in german as well as in english. To read this post in english, please scroll down to the tab-bar and click on the tab “English”.

Bread Baking Day war dieses Mal eine Herausfoderung für mich. Das Thema Pan Latino – Lateinamerikanisches Brot das Gretchen Noelle von canela and comino gewählt hat, rief mir als erstes in Erinnerung, dass ich von all den Vokabeln, die ich für Spanisch einmal gelernt habe, nur noch Worte kenne, die etwas mit Essen zu tun haben. Wirklich geändert haben sich meine Intressen seit der Schulzeit nicht ;-)

Mangelhafte Kenntnisse in Spanisch sind seit  Google Translator zwar kein Hinderungsgrund mehr, wie ich auch schon im letzten Jahr bei den Ceriolas gemerkt habe, doch lieber habe ich mich als erstes in meine Backbücker vertieft. Bis auf ein Rezept für Conchas, süßen Brötchen mit Mürbeteighaube, fande ich allerdings nichts. Und nach etwas Süßem stand mir nicht der Sinn. Doch dann der Gedankenblitz: Petra von Chili und Ciabatta hat schon öfter Rezepte aus Südamerika auf ihrem Blog veröffentlicht. Also bin ich meine Lesezeichen durchgegegangen, und was sehe ich: Sacaduros.

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August 2nd, 2009

Bread Baking Day #22: Round up

breadbakingday-roundupThanks everyone for participating! I am still stunned from all of this delicoius entries. What a delicious breakfast table! It gave me a lot of ideas of what I want to bake in near future. I think I have to start on top of the List and bake my way down to the bottom.

I recived 48 entries from 13 countries: Germany, Brasil, United States, Saudi Arabia, UK, India, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Canada, Guatemala, Portugal. I did not sort the list but place the entries in order of submission.

I try to leave a comment on every site, but on some it was not possible, because I did not own the right type of account. So let me tell here again: You all did a great job, I enjoy reading each post and seeing all of this delicious breads!

The host of next Bread Baking Day is Nick from IMAfoodblog. The announcement of the theme will be online on 6. august so make sure you visit their page then!

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