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9. April 2009

Brioche Tropézienne


I planed to bake brioche since months. In my new favorite baking book „Advanced Bread and Pastry“ I found three diffrent recipes, using no preferment, sponge or prefermented dough. I liked the sponge most because I had not to rember to put the dough into the fridge after one hour.

While filing through the diffrent recipes I found the shaping option Brioche Tropézienne. These Brioche filled with Vanillacream and with streusel topping sounds perfect for my mums birthday. So I decided to do half of the Brioche as Brioche Tropézienne.

The look of the Brioche Tropézienne turned out not as nice as I expected. Part of the streusel topping slipped of the top. Maybe because I do not bake it in small round pans  like the recipe asked for. Maybe that is a good argument for buying a muffinform, because nevertheless they taste great! Weiterlesen